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Thanks to all you developers out there adding brand colors to your apps over the past months we're almost ready to launch featured banners ✨

If you're an app maintainer and haven't done this yet for your app, here are the docs:

To make it more interesting we're setting a deadline! We will be launching the new banners on April 20th, so for the possibility to be featured during the first week, update your apps today :)

#flathub #flatpak #gnome #kde #linux

Like it or not, most of our brains are wired to use decimal, and they struggle converting numbers to other bases. The Binary app lets you convert your base 10 number to binary, and your hexadecimal back to decimal, whatever conversion you require. It even tells you how many bits are required to store the value you give it, and their associated magnitude!

You can follow the app's creator here: @fizzyizzy05

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #apps #flatpak

Just bought a #DELL 3190 laptop, new for $150 (11.6" screen, 64GB eMMC). It's fully supported on #Linux, and even if it has a Celeron N4120 CPU and only 4 GB of RAM, it'll work fine with #Mint, or #XFCE (and #Gnome/ #KDE if you don't mind some minor lag). Not opening too many browser tabs will ensure that the swap file won't get used too often.

If you're on a tight budget this is a good option, as it also has great battery life too at 10 hours with Linux.

#linuxmint #ubuntu #opensource #foss

gave a very impromptu lightning talk "How the Linux Mobile" at the #GNOME 46 release party over the weekend . Sorry there's no recording available, but there were only 4 slides and im sure you can guess how the rest of them looked

I tried to switch to Alacritty for a couple weeks, but lack of tabs (and thus needing to use tmux) was annoying enough that I went back to Gnome Terminal. I don't like the sluggishness, but I like almost everything else. Gnome 46 fixes the sluggishness, mostly thanks to the VTE performance work of Christian Hergert. #Gnome

Good morning, Mastodon! Quick question about #gnome in #fedora (for a friend): Since the Gnome project is not actively supporting tray (notification) icons, how would a user monitor if a given software is running as expected in the background? The question is specifically related to #InSync; a software used to keep cloud files synced to local machine.

Must be the wrong article 🤔

Have you tested the #Fedora distribution with the #GNOME desktop environment? They work hard to make it fully accessible.

I admit that the default synthesized voices are particularly awful, but they can easily be changed with Pied.

#accessibility #a11y


We're celebrating the release of GNOME 46 at @offline with hacking, talks, and food! Join us from 15:00 onwards :)

#gnome #gnome46 #berlin

Having trouble with a GtkGridList. Looking for help.

I've replaced a GtkFlowBox with a GtkGridList to improve performance. However, the GridList is breaking the layout.

The height of every child of the GridList expands to beyond the edges of the window (screenshot 1), unless it’s the *direct descendent* of a GtkScrolledWindow (screenshot 2). In the second case, the grid renders as expected but I can't put the header in.

Does anyone know a way around this? (Code below)


Sometimes your desktop just gets a little boring and when that happens, let Damask refresh it. The app can automatically cycle through your wallpapers and can even find you some new ones. It give you the option to pull from various sources, like Bing and Wallhaven's collection of backgrounds. With Damask, you can always have a new backdrop to your digital life!

You can follow the app's creator here: @subpop

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gnome #apps #flatpak

More progress made!

The WIP icon manager app now renders SVG icons as vector drawings, so they don't get pixellated and appear extra crisp on HiDPi displays.

The search bar is also now visible in the header bar for quick access. It now filters the icons in the currently selected list.


For every day that I've sat down to work on this app, I've managed to solve a problem that seemed insurmountable the day before.

The app now copies icons to your clipboard, ready to paste into design software! It can paste icons both as SVG data (which Inkscape supports) and as a temporary file (which Figma and file managers support).

It also loads icon sets that are bundled with the app and has an overview of all the sets installed.


had a lazy easter monday getting the touchscreen working on the #OnePlus 8T

here it is at 120hz running #postmarketOS #GNOME mobile!

the high refresh and 2 years newer hardware definitely makes for a smoother experience overall.

Do you know about KNOME already? It was the nice Aprils fools we did a few years ago with #GNOME and #KDE. While we lost the original domain, I still host a version of it on my server.

I am working on a GTK/#Relm4 password manager already 😎
But it is a client for #BitWarden/#VaultWarden only.
You want to build a local one?

#GTK #Rust #rustlang #GNOME #Linux #Ubuntu #Linux #Fedora #OpenSUSE #Debian

Are you experienced with GTK and Rust ? :gnome: ❤️ :rust:

We are looking to contract someone to work on the new GNOME Password Manager 🔑

We want it to become a core/default app and help secure millions of users.

You'll be working with the GNOME Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to building emancipatory technologies for everyone.

Please send resume / portfolio to

Boosts welcome :boost_love:

#GTK #Rust #rustlang #GNOME #Linux #Ubuntu #Linux #Fedora #OpenSUSE #Debian

Junction 1.8 is out ✨

Junction pops up automatically when you open a file or link to let you choose which app to open with.

The highlight of this version is better mobile and touch support :linux: 📱

Plus, the app is now verified on Flathub and has a "High quality app data" rating.

#GNOME #GTK #Flatpak #Flathub #LinuxMobile #Linux

Alright, after some fussin' and fightin', we should have serviceable #WebDAV support for #Fastmail and – without breaking API or existing accounts.

And now I'm gonna GOA to bed 😉

#GNOME #GNOMEOnlineAccounts

»Open source projects don't have a top down approach. People work on whatever they find interesting and fun. You can't force volunteers to work on whatever you consider "core issues". Get over it.«

»#GNOME left the chat.«

Thoughts on the header bar?
It only appears on hover or touch.

Also, time for bed 🙀


What I really like about #GNOME46 is that it turned out to be a great release for old and low-end devices. One of my test devices is Thinkpad T400. That hardware is over 15 years old and actually got faster over the last few years - especially this release.

One of my favorite improvements here, headed by Christian Hergert, was the boost to VTE. Terminals using #gtk4 are now much faster and responsive. I mean, damn, even switching tabs doesn't trigger a full redraw!


GNOME developers: 46 is so stressful

also GNOME developers: Can't wait for 47


GNOME 46 notification redesign is so good! 🔥

#GNOME #46 #notification #redesign

GNOME Workbench

Die Workbench bietet ca. 100 Code-Beispiele für GNOME-Anwendungen. Die kleinen Apps sind vollständig und ausführbar.

#GNOME #GTK_Anwendung #GTK #Code_Beispiele #Linux

Should there be a desktop font service for the libre desktop?

Thinking especially of graphic design and page layout uses.

#fonts #linux #gnome #kde #gimp #krita #inkscape #libreGraphics #scribus #openType

Check out the latest blog post on the #swiftlang website about the #adwaita for #swift package!

You can find the repo on GitHub:

#linux #libadwaita #gnome #gtk

The #GNOME 46 desktop environment already landed in #ArchLinux and #openSUSE Tumbleweed 👏👏👏

@gnome #Linux #OpenSource

We're bringing back the #GNOME social hour! Join us for the first one on April 1 at 17:30 UTC. All are welcome, newcomers and long-time contributors alike!

More details:

So I upgraded to #Gnome 46 on my #ArchLinux. :gnome: :archlinux:
What a surprise. For several last gnome releases they were waiting for bugfixed x.1 version and now we have it a few days after the release. We got it even sooner than Flathub. 🏆

As the #DashToPanel extension is not ported yet I am forced to "enjoy" the pure gnome experience. Does anybody use it in this raw form? 🤨

This week Biblioteca was accepted into GNOME Circle. Biblioteca lets you browse and read GNOME documentation in a sleek and convenient way. Congratulations!


I've seen a few app maintainers lately mentioning that bleeding edge libraries are required and that distro X in version Y isn't supported.

This is why you should have a Flatpak manifest in your repository; not just on Flathub.

It lets contributors easily build and test the development version without having to worry about the host.

Upgrading or downgrading your OS shouldn't stop anyone from working on your app.

#Linux #development #GNOME #KDE #Flatpak #Flathub

Not only to reduce carbon emissions and save developers in central Europe from having to fly to the US for the @gnome #GUADEC this summer, we organize a "Mini Guadec" in #Berlin and now found a venue in the #Regenbogenfabrik including its own hostel:

Looking forward!
More infos to come.

#Digital #Sustainability #Gnome