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My personal pick is #Librewolf instead of #Firefox for a privacy-first experience.
Plus #KeePassXC as password manager.

Messengers are trickier and should be picked with necessity in mind.

I've switched to # couple of months ago. And I'm pretty happy. Feels pretty similar to # with all the annoying bits simply gone. :)

This issue summarises the issue and suggests a good solution (to have an option to override just the color-scheme setting without disabling fingerprint resistance in general).

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At least it tells you something about even more ways they can fingerprint you. But # should allow you to change the theme keeping in mind the harmful effects it could have.

Right, so there is such a thing as going too far鈥 this should at least be a configurable option so that folks who want web sites to adapt to their system light/dark mode settings can have that.

There鈥檚 a line between protecting people and being paternalistic. And I can鈥檛 believe I鈥檓 the one having to say this but privacy isn鈥檛 the only concern when designing (e.g., in this case you might be overriding someone鈥檚 accessibility preferences).

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Screenshot of LibreWolf Website appearance settings:

鈥淪ome websites adapt their color scheme based on your preferences. Choose which color scheme you鈥檇 like to use for those sites.

This feature is disabled because ResistFingerprinting is enabled. This means LibreWolf will force web content to display in a light theme.鈥

hmmm is there an android version of # somewhere or an alternative ?

LibreWolf browser: telemetry stripped Firefox fork - worth trying if you are annoyed with Firefox recently but don't want to join the Chromium crowd: #linux #browser #firefox #fork #librewolf #privacy #alternative #foss