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All these discussions about captcha and #accessibility are the demonstration of how reality is infected by inclusion-washing and performative activism. Everyone to talk about #PrideMonth in June, disability day in December, #a11y day #gaad in May, but then facts are always where they've always been: in 1999 or before. With illusions to solve it all with some out-of-box solution. (1/2)

There were a lot of #webinars for #GAAD 2024, too many to attend them all. But a lot of them were recorded, so I rounded up links to 30 or so #OnDemand webinars and videos and put them into a blog post.…

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Yesterday was Global #Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). Today, some companies will be considering switching away from #Slack to a less #accessible alternative due to #AI bullshit.

This is great but can we please also have Fedora (& Ubuntu, etc.) acknowledge they started shipping operating systems without a functional screen reader when they switched to Wayland and that that’s still the case?

This is not to name and shame. Unless we acknowledge this as an error on par with shipping without monitor support and unless the culture is altered to make accessibility a showstopper, it’ll happen again.

#Fedora #GAAD #Accessibility #A11y #Linux #OpenSource…

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we want to recognize the work being done on accessibility by @matt as part of the @gnome Foundation. He is the lead for @accesskit and is currently working on Newton, a Wayland-oriented solution for assistive technologies that can modernize accessibility on the Linux desktop!


#Fedora #GAAD #Accessibility #A11y #Linux #OpenSource

Our #GAAD edition In-Process #blog is out, featuring all the news on #NVDA 2024.2beta 1, the amazing mini-documentary @github made our new issue template and more!

Get on top of all the #GAAD #news here:…

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I understand this is not a good way to measure by any mean, but regardless let's do some math! Globally there are 43M blind people , According to WHO. There are over 250k NVDA users in 175 countries, According to NVDA creators. Let's just say 300k. According to screen reader survey #10, NVDA counts for 37.7%. That means only 1.85% of blind people have access to screen reader. 0.3M/0.377%/43M*100 That's very sad! :( Let me know if I epically failed this math. lol #GAAD

Great read on this #GAAD. Socks, lies, and accessibility

Chromebooks already have great screen reading capabilities built in...

Awww Google, how cute of you. Great? Nope. Next time, remember. Nothing about us, **without us**. ChromeVox has barely been updated in *years*, just like VoiceOver for Mac, and Narrator. ChromeVox barely has any options for fine-tuning verbosity, keyboard commands, pronunciation, and some keyboard commands, like Search + Control + A for accessibility actions, aren't even well-documented. I should know. I had to use an Acer Spin 713 for a good 3 months as my primary laptop. So kindly stop talking, then ask, then act before you speak further.

"Updated keyboard shortcuts and first-letters navigation in Google Drive"...

First letters navigation? Come on. Any blind person can *tell* that this wasn't written by anyone who uses these technologies.

And nowhere in this article is anything new for ChromeVox. See? This is the kind of, frankly, bullshit that I hate on GAAD. Just shut your mouth and listen for once.…

#Accessibility #blind #google #ChromeOS #Chromebook #ChromeVox #GAAD

Spoke at a terrific GAAD event this morning in Raleigh, NC. Many organizations pitched in but big thanks to Ablr for hosting/organizing. #a11y #GAAD


heute ist der Internationale Tag zur digitalen Barrierefreiheit, Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Gerade rechtzeitig erreichte mich ein Foto aus der Presseabteilung des Landratsamtes um diesen Beitrag fertigstellen zu können:…

GAAD 2024 and Google: 8 new accessibility updates across TalkBack, Lookout, Maps and more:
Gemini’s integration with TalkBack, Lookout's Find mode, Look to Speak, etc.:…
#Accessibility #Google #GAAD #AI #TalkBack

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day! We’ve been striving to build accessible experiences in elementary OS for quite some time now with features like an audio prompt in the installer and desktop filters to assist folks with color deficiencies. We surface accessibility features next to every other feature as part of our curb cuts initiative and we’re always listening for ways we can do more 🩷 #GAAD

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). Today, I want you to ask yourself, then act, *before* you speak. Do you have an app you're maintaining? Look at some #accessibility resources for the framework you use for the user interface. Do you know if it's accessible or not? If it's not accessible, are you doing anything about it? Do you tell disabled visitors to your app/site that it's not accessible, and give them a timeframe, if any, when it will be? Do you have a website? If so, do you know if it's accessible or not? Are you an artist of any kind? Is your media accessible? Are you a writer? If so, are the images in your book described with #AltText?

If you're a part of a company that has anything to do with accessibility, including proudly posting about it, do you have any disabled employees? If so, do you show them that they're appreciated? If not, why don't you have any? If you create art about people with disabilities, do you have disabled people take a look at it before you share it? If you write books that have images in them, have any disabled people checked to make sure the Alt-text makes sense, and that the book is accessible otherwise? If not, why not? And when you get disabled people to check out apps, books, sites for your professional needs, do you pay them for it?

Please do remember us on every other day of the year, but particularly today, please remember: nothing about us without us.

#blind #disabled #disabilities #access

Wikipedia mentions that it's Global Accessibility Awareness Day on the English version's main page, but to create an account on there and many of the Wikimedia Foundation's other projects you have to complete an inaccessible captcha. They offer an option for someone to create an account for you if you can't fill it in, but that's not good enough.
There's been a ticket open about this since 2006 according to the date stamp and nothing's been done.…
#GAAD #Wikipedia #Wikimedia

This Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we have something special to share! @github made a movie about our founders Mick & Jamie & the story of not only NVDA, but also OSARA. Two life-changing open-source projects. Both actively providing access & employment to blind people around the world.

Read the article here:…

Watch the video (with AD) on YouTube:…

#GAAD #NVDA #NVDAsr #Accessibility #Employment #Empowering #ScreenReader #FOSS #OpenSource

If you don't employ and pay disabled people fairly I don't want to see you celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD).

If you run professional events for accessibility but don't care how many speakers are disabled I don't want see you celebrate GAAD.

If you take millions of dollars in investment to sell snake oil overlay products I don't wanna see you celebrate GAAD.


For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we want to recognize the work being done on accessibility by @matt as part of the @gnome Foundation. He is the lead for @accesskit and is currently working on Newton, a Wayland-oriented solution for assistive technologies that can modernize accessibility on the Linux desktop!


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Heute am 16. Mai ist der Global Accessibility Awareness Day #GAAD, bei dem auf die Notwendigkeit von digitaler #Barrierefreiheit hingewiesen werden soll. Und ganz ganz viele große Firmen machen da mit.

Leider existiert heute auch extrem viel Inspiration Exploitation von Menschen mit Behinderung, und auch eine Menge Tokenismus. Schade, dass dieser eigentlich nützliche Tag einmal mehr kapitalistisch vereinnahmt wurde. Bitte achtet besonders darauf, welche Inhalte ihr zum #GAAD wie teilt.

Friends! It’s Monday. And this week is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD)! You know what that means.

📢 I'm having a GAAD SALE

Starting today, you can get the Practical Accessibility course at 25% OFF 🎁 ⤵️

The sale ends on May 20th. ⏳


Exciting week ahead Open AI, Google IO, #Sonos Slaughter, and #GAAD we will be in studio to recap it all

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is in one week! I'll be speaking at GAAD Raleigh 2024… #gaad #a11y #rtp #raleighNC #events

Falta exactamente una semana para el #GAAD. Vamos a ir quitándole el polvo al hashtag. ¿Qué váis a hacer ese día? ¿Algo especial? ¿Será un día normal, como cualquier otro? Para quien no lo conozca todavía, GAAD son las siglas de Global Accessibility Awareness Day, día mundial de concienciación sobre la #accesibilidad. Contad, quiero saber!

GAAD Raleigh 2024 — morning of May 16 at Union Station… #GAAD #a11y #accessibility #events #raleighNC

Is it groovy that #Microsoft has such an engaged #accessibility team? Yup. Is it a downer that they continue to post on a platform that fired its entire accessibility team and killed off the third-party accessibility tools, while ignoring this one? Hell yup. So if you missed it, here’s their #GAAD blog post.…

Hello, it is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Here's the piece I promised: Accessibility is More Than Ramps

#GAAD #accessibility #disability #inclusion…

New #a11y testing video available!

Performing an accessibility test (3/3) — the mobile menu

Captions and transcript available


Today on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD), let's go beyond awareness to action. And to my fellow disabled technologists, we should be thinking about how we can make our own accessibility through more powerful assistive technology. I'm particularly interested in what we can do with multi-modal large language models like GPT-4. Until GPT-4 itself is more widely available, there's also LLaVA ( I should really start playing with that this weekend.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) with Deque Systems:… #GAAD #a11y

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD) is one month from today. Here's my 2022 GAAD article, still relevant today... and throughout eternity, across the galaxy:… #a11y