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Microsoft announced their latest round of FOSS fund recipients. We're thrilled to share that @NVAccess are among this quarter's recipients. From:

"A project of the Microsoft Open Source Programs Office, the FOSS Fund provides up to $10,000 USD in sponsorships to open source projects as selected by Microsoft employees."

Congratulations also to The GNU Compiler Collection, Urllib3, CLAP & MSW.

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Our new Chief Technology Officer, Gerald Hartig, is being interviewed on Vision Australia Radio tonight at 8:10pm AEST (About 1hr 15mins after I post this). You can tune in online at:

#NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility #Interview #News #A11y

In-Process is out, featuring all the news on the release of NVDA 2024.1, plus highlights from our trip to CSUN. Do check it out now at:

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My issue is hopefully resolved as I did reach a human. Instead of becoming unlady like I decided to channel my energy into goodness and I will go to the top as my daddy taught me and the senior vice president of #Accessibility at #Xfinity will be receiving my feedback so they can fix the horrible issues with their chat from a #Blindness perspective as it is difficult to find the newest messages when using any #ScreenReader. Anyone care to join me in this pursuit, feel free.

Not a huge sample size, but the results are in!

If you use #Matrix, drop an #AltText comment below your images and screencasts for #ScreenReader, #Braille and other #Accessibility tools until we get support in the spec:

#a11y #Element #Fractal #Cinny #FluffyChat #Quaternion #NeoChat #GNOME #KDE #elementaryOS #XFCE

NV Access is very pleased to share the release of the NVDA 2024.1 Release Candidate. Unless any major issues are identified, this will be identical to the final release. We encourage all users to test the Release Candidate. Many updates including on-demand speech mode, native selection in Firefox, bulk actions in the add-on store and much more! Read the full details and download at:

#NVDA #NVDAsr #Accessibility #A11y #ScreenReader #News #NewVersion #Release

It's a busy time at NV Access HQ, and Abroad! This week's In-Process has all the news about CSUN, NVDA 2023.3.4, NVDA 2024.1, and a run through of the new Native Selection Mode in Firefox. Read more here:

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Are you a #ScreenReader and/or #Braille user on #Matrix?

Should we be adding messages as captions until #AltText is supported?

#A11Y #Accessibility #BRLTTY #FOSS #OpenSource #Element #GNOME #KDE #elementaryOS #XFCE

  • Yes, always. (66%, 4 votes)
  • A quick summary is fine, I'll ask if I need more (16%, 1 vote)
  • As long as you do it if I ask. (16%, 1 vote)
6 voters. Poll end: 3 weeks ago

Question to peole with screen readers about alt text:

Do you want the description in alt text to be what is seen or do you want an interpretation and opinions?

I see people using a hashtag about alt text being an art form and often putting interpretations, opinions and assumptions in there and somehow it irritates me, so I wanted to ask those who actually need the alt text.

#AltText #ScreenReader

please boost for more reach

People who use #ScreenReaders, imagine a feature on your instance where you can automatically hide any post that contains images/videos without alt text.

If you reply with an opinion and YOU PERSONALLY don't need alt text for accessibility reasons, I will probably block you.

#poll #ScreenReader #accessibility #a11y #blind

  • It's a great idea (32%, 16 votes)
  • No strong feelings (6%, 3 votes)
  • It's a bad idea (6%, 3 votes)
  • I don't use a screen reader (56%, 28 votes)
50 voters. Poll end: 1 month ago

NV Access is very pleased to announce the release of our updated Microsoft Word with NVDA training module. Available now from Extensively rewritten, the module incorporates the latest NVDA and Office 365 features and keystrokes. At only $32 Australian (Roughly $20 USD / 19€ - converted at checkout), it's very affordable. #Training #NVDA #NVDAsr #Accessibility #ScreenReader #Learning #Word #Microsoft #Office

In-Process is out - live from Melbourne! Featuring news on NVDA 2024.1 Beta 10, the WebAIM screen reader user survey results, GitHub's accessibility survey and the results of our own Mastodon survey! Read it now at:

#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #News #Newsletter #Blog

Thanks for your patience with the beta glitch last week. We're pleased to advise we've got rid of those nasty bugs. NVDA 2024.1 Beta 10 is now available, and we promise the bugs in this version are much friendlier! Please do head to for all the details & to download.

Changes since Beta 7:
- Fix for emojis in terminals
- Native Selection bug fix in Word
- Installer fixes
- Updates to docs & translations

#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #Update #Beta #NewVersion #Download

Here's a #screenreader tip if you are using a smart TV: turn off image processing on your TV! Default settings apply a ton of processing to your picture which is not unly pointless if you are blind but also slows down performance of the device, including reading of screenreader announcements! Go into your picture settings and change the mode to something like theater, director mode, game mode, etc and enable any low latency options that are available. Disable all noise reduction, motion blur etc

I really wish there were a way to quickly pause #NVDA's speech output while testing #ScreenReader navigation without having to close the whole application. (Is there perhaps a way to do that which I haven't figured out?)

I wrote an article about how to make hastags accessible. Did some #ScreenReader testing with #JAWS, #NVDA, #VoiceOver and #Narrator, which was fun!

Pretty long one though, contains a bunch of tables for comparison. Enjoy the ride!

#accessibility #a11y #html #JavaScript #WebDev #frontend

Methinks something is wrong with this email. Either the #ScreenReader is getting it wrong, or there's something wrong with how it's been formatted, or #Amazon really have gotten greedy of late... Aah, that. Yeah, probably that.

We thought you'd like to know about a new book by an author you follow.
New from John Marrs £249 Other formats: Audible Audiobooks, Paperback The Stranger in Her House by John Marrs

In-Process is out, featuring all the news about NVDA 2023.3.3 and NVDA 2024.1 Beta 7, plus an in-depth look at everything you need to know about portable copies of NVDA. Check it out at: and be sure to update your copy of NVDA to the latest stable or beta version if you haven't already.

#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #News #Blog #Newsletter #Accessibility #A11y

One thing we would love to improve in #Mixxx is #ScreenReader support. Unfortunately we don't currently have any developers familiar with that kind of work. Is there anyone out there with experience in accessibility and QT who want to try to help? 👀

Beta7 of NVDA 2024.1 is now available for download and testing. Changes from the previous beta include:
- When copying text in Microsoft Word with NVDA’s browse mode enabled, formatting is now also included
- Updates to documentation, Native selection mode, errors when session is locked / unlocked and translations.

Read more & download at:

#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #Accessibility #Beta #News

There are new NVDA releases!
- NVDA 2023.3.3 fixes a security issue. Read more & download from:

- NVDA 2024.1 Beta 6 incorporates the same security fix, plus documentation & translation updates. Read more and download from:

Which version is right for me? If you'd like to check out what is new in the next version of NVDA, then grab the 2024.1 beta. If you're happy staying on the stable version - grab 2023.3. #NVDA #NVDASr #ScreenReader

i want to be better at understanding and using and making things for screen readers! are there any resources for that? a nice video of someone using a screen reader and demonstrating how it's set up to accomplish different tasks, and how markup can help or hinder that? or courses that teach different aspects of this?

#accessibility #ScreenReader

NVDA double release day! NVDA 2023.3.2 fixes the fix that wasn’t fully fixed in the first fix. Please do read the full announcement and download at:

And to go with it, NVDA 2024.1 Beta 5 includes the fix from 2023.3.2, as well as documentation, logging and translation updates! Read more and download from:

#NVDA #ScreenReader #News #Update #NVDAsr #A11y #Accessibility #Patch #Patchday

It's a double release day!

For those on 2023.3 we have a security point release, NVDA 2023.3.1. We encourage all users to update to this stable release. Full info & download at:

For those on the 2024.1 betas, we have a new one - 2024.1 Beta 4 includes the security patch above, plus more - read all the info and download from:

#NVDA #NVDASr #ScreenReader #A11y #Accessibility #News #Breaking

I needed to test support for dynamic accessible descriptions recently, so I made a blog post reference in case it's helpful for others.

#accessibility #a11y #html #webdev #ux #screenreader

NVDA 2024.1 Beta 3 is now available for download and testing!

Changes introduced in Beta 3:

- Bug fixes for excluding speech modes from the cycle speech mode command from settings

- Improved battery time reporting message to pluralise hours/minutes/seconds correctly

- Updates to translations

Read the full details and download at:

#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #Accessibility #A11y #News

Are you at #37c3 and are you using #accessibility technologies such as #screenreader , #braille displays or similar? We are in the process of making #MapComplete more accessible and want to user test this. Please get in touch!

The maintainer of the Orca screen reader, Joanie Diggs, has made noteworthy enhancements in recent weeks. I mention them here for the benefit of those who are not following these developments or who are not regular Linux screen reader users.
Many of the improvements are performance-related, taking advantage of the cache of accessibility tree nodes maintained by the AT-SPI service. Table processing has received particular attention, and fundamental changes are underway in the code that handles users' keystrokes, some of which need to be interpreted as screen reader commands, with the remainder being passed through to the application.
I have been testing some of the changes along the way, as have other users active on the Orca mailing list. Rapid and precise bug reports continue to contribute to the development process. At this point, it is reasonable to expect these valuable improvements to appear in a release during the first half of 2024, presumably as part of GNOME 46.
#linux #orca #ScreenReader #AssistiveTechnology #accessibility #Gnome

NVDA 2024.1 Beta 1 is now available for testing. Highlights include a new on-demand speech mode, the ability to drop speech modes from the NVDA+s command, a new "native selection" mode for Firefox, bulk actions in the add-on store & ability to review add-ons & more!

Note this release breaks add-on compatibility and only works on Windows 8.1 and newer.

Full info and Download from:

#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #Update #Beta #NewVersion #A11y #Accessibility #News

Content warning: bitWarden password manager, first impressions

Hey devs around here: how do you test accessibility?

I've been testing #mapcomplete with the #Orca #screenreader today, and fixing some issues but I feel quite unsure about it, so I'p interested in your approaches.

Or if someone who's using a screenreader could help me test (in #ghent or at #CCC), that would be appreciated

This festive season give the gift of accessibility with an NV Access donation. Your support ensures we continue delivering life-changing technology to blind and visually impaired people globally.
Donations can be made here,

#Donate #Donation #NVDA #ScreenReader #Accessibility #Christmas

For the past couple of months I've been working on Pied (, an application that makes it easy to use modern, natural sounding, text-to-speech voices on Linux. It does this by integrating the Piper neural text-to-speech engine with speech-dispatcher, so most existing software will work with it out of the box.

The first beta version is now available in the snap store:

And available as a Flatpak from

(Other package formats will follow)

I'd appreciate any feedback if you're able to test it, thanks!

#TTS #accessibility #ScreenReader #linux #TextToSpeech

I am just testing @Jami with a #screenreader on both linux desktop and android for #accessibility.
Initial setup is accessible on both the platforms.
Listing conversations I can't really say as I only have single contact.
Audio calling is working fine. I am impressed that the call setup took just a moment. On android controls like microphone toggle, speaker / earpiece toggle and hangup button are working fine.
I am unable to find out in call controls with the keyboard on linux.
On both desktop and android I can write messages.
On android I can read messages, find and execute additional actions in the popup menu.
On the desktop I can't read incoming and outgoing messages with a screen reader. I haven't discovered on how to copy them.

In conclusion comparing this to the tox chat the Jami is more accessible with a screen reader. Perhaps I will be able to figure out how to handle the calls with a keyboard shortcuts however the fact message text is not readable with a screen reader on desktop linux and perhaps other platforms sounds dissapointing. The idea and decentralized nature of this communication app sounds really amazing.

In-Process is out! Featuring some more NVDA 2023.3 goodies, a few other things we've been up to, a sneak peek at something in NVDA 2024.1 AND a HUGE walkthrough of Object Navigation. If you're not familiar with how object navigation works after that, I'll give you a refund on the cost of your In-Process subscription! 🤑:

#NVAccess #NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #Blog #News #Tutorial #A11y #Accessibility

Congratulations to Gene, recipient of this year's RNZFB Chair's Award. It is wonderful to see your hard work & advocacy over many years acknowledged with this prestigious award. Gene has long advocated for NVDA & been a great friend to us in New Zealand. We're excited to see him honoured.

Read more at:

#Blindness #Blind #Advocacy #RNZFB #BlindLowVision #A11y #Accessibility #NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader

"Access to a free, fast & efficient screen reader has changed my life. Because of its qualities, my computer never crashes; updates are frequent & the software works well. It follows best the evolution of Windows and all software. Updating is fast & easy, it is available in all languages. The provision of add-ons makes it really efficient” – Silvie, France

You can help continue to provide NVDA free to all!
#NVDA #NVDAsr #ScreenReader #Access #Accessibility #A11y

It’s been 5 months since Australian Story aired an episode on NV Access founders, Mick Curran & Jamie Teh. The first Australian Story episode to be audio described. It was an incredible opportunity to share with a wider audience the importance of NVDA & our overarching message, that everyone deserves equal access to technology.

You can still watch the Australian Story episode, with Audio Description, on YouTube:
#ScreenReader #NVDA #NVDAsr #Accessibility #A11y #Access