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I have downloaded #Ubuntu 22.04 and made a bootable USB image of the distro. I will "Try Ubuntu" in the morning from the Live Image to see if the installer is accessible or not with a braille display.

I would prefer to be able to install the distro myself without sighted assistance, just like I can with #Debian and #Arch Linux using only a refreshable braille display. I have no speech recognition so I am unable to hear Orca speak.

#Linux #Accessibility #a11y

These magnetic USB C adapters are truly fantastic! Recommended for anyone blind or visually impaired.
Available from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

✅ Makes fitting a USB cable easy - the magnet pulls the cable into place.
✅ Saves wear and tear on the USB C port.
✅ Can be used with chargers, wired earbuds and data sync cables.
✅ Acts as a quick release if the cable gets yanked.
✅ They work well with phones, laptops, and tablets.

#blind #lowvision #visuallyimpaired #a11y

Just got home to find that, ah yes the Windows PC has restarted yet again, and oh hey lookie just a few steps and I can use my PC again! Windows Hello, which was already set up with a PIN, and are you sure you don't wanna switch back to Microsoft Edge? Huh? What? You don't? Well you have to click the skip button cause the other one is dimmed and hope it won't choose something without you knowing haha. And did you know your PC is better with Microsoft 365? You did? You know you have it already? Oh good. Well you're ready to go! Enjoy!

Thanks Microsoft, I hate it. I wish I could be like all the sighted techies out there that can just pop in a flash drive with Fedora Linux on it, set it up, and not even have to learn that much of a new interface and how to do things. Or one of the less techie people out there that open up a MacBook and click the Internet icon and when you ask them how it is they strug and go "Well I mean it's just a computer."

#accessibility #windows #linux #mac #blind #a11y

Screen Readers support for text level HTML semantics
#a11y #HTML #WebDev

Wanted: Accessibility Analyst at IronArch Technology; 100% Remote US #a11y #jobs

How to make accessible lists and tables: #webdev #webdesign #lists #tables #a11y

"Internet IS for everyone – but it won’t be unless WE make it so." -Vint Cerf (co-creator of the Internet), 1999 #a11y #webdesign #webdev #speech

Glad <dialog> focus is finally being implemented/defined in a reasonable way after a torturous years long, largely pointless, discussion.

“1. Make the dialog focusing steps look at sequentially focusable elements instead of any focusable element.

2. Make the dialog element itself get focus if it has the autofocus="" attribute set.

3. Make the dialog element itself get focus as a fallback instead of focus being reset to the body element.”

#HTML #WebStandards #a11y

To me, the root of all digital accessibility is the operating system. A lot of people ask me why I have 3 computers. No, I’m not rich, two of them were bought for me. The reason is that Windows, MacOS, and ChromeOS all have different accessibility stacks, three different philosophies of how accessibility and screen readers should work, and different things that accessibility stack and screen reader(s) are good at.

For example, the Mac uses object navigation for everything within VoiceOver. Everything is an object, and you navigate mostly with the VoiceOver keys and sometimes you can get away with using Tab. On Windows, you primarily use Windows navigation commands, with Windows screen readers speaking any needed info. The Mac, to me, is great at writing, and email, because because it has good writing apps, and a good mail client built in. Windows is great for web navigation and games, and writing if you like Microsoft Word. The ChromeBook is good for Android apps and Linux kinda and that’s about it for me. Everything else, web, Windows can do a bit better.

#accessibility #blind #operatingSystems #screenReaders #a11y

I'm in a hotel room with a visual-audible doorbell. Twice staff has come and knocked instead of used the doorbell. It's both good and bad. Here's why I'm grateful they're not using the doorbell.

Don't watch if flickering lights are a problem.

Can't upload captions. Here they are.



[Silence]#Accessibility #A11y #UX

Accessibility and Tech: Driving Change at ADP, with Kelsey Hall #a11y

All of the "Learn Accessibility!" modules are now available on web dot dev: #webdev #a11y #html #aria #tutorial

Content warning: Not safe for Apple users

I think Mona is going to be our best shot. I'm already loving what I see. It's the UI that cares about screen reader users and #a11y. It inherits a lot of the features from the Spring Twitter app.

My employer Deque Systems has openings for all types of jobs relating to digital accessibility! #a11y #jobs

Social Media Accessibility Toolkit: by US Gov #egov #SM #SocialMedia #a11y #accessibility #tools #tips

L’Oréal unveils two new #CES 2023 innovation award-winning beauty technologies #a11y #beauty #inclusion

At last Tusker is now out on the Apple AppStore! If you are looking for something to replace MetaText or want a simple and easy Mastodon client for your iOS device. Tusker is for you and the best part is that its FREE! Thank you #Tusker for your hard work and making this an accessible Mastodon client for VoiceOver users. Easy to use and great for beginners and advance users alike. #accessibility #a11y #ios

@TheQuinbox @alexhall @simon Same here because I know the developer cares about #a11y and it’s going to be a great app, I think, I hope! :)

Help upvote this Github issue to make VSCode just a bit more accessible:
#a11y #VSCode #Microsoft

Excellent solution to a common UI problem. "Under-Engineered Multi-Selects" by @aardrian #webdev #webdesign #a11y #UIDesign

So I don't know just how widespread this issue is, but I read on a mailing list that in the new iOS 16.3, there's a Braille bug where if you open the notification center, with Space with dots 4-6, your Braille display disconnects from the phone. I can't tell you how insulting this bug is. Opening the notification center is something a person does on their phone tons of times per day. Any kind of quality control could have caught this bug. And yet, here we are. And it makes me so glad that, whether Google has a blind person sitting there testing every build or not, that TalkBack's new Braille support is pretty damn solid. No, it doesn't have the turn pages while panning, or automatic panning, or showing equations in Nemeth code, or even Grade 2 US/UK Braille, although it does have Unified Grade 1 and 2 Braille. But shoot at least it doesn't have iOS-level slap-in-the-face bugs.

#iOS #accessibility #blind #Android #iPhone #a11y

Birdability: help crowdsource accessible birding trails, learn how to be an inclusive birder so birding can be for every body

#birding #disabilty #accessibility #a11y

Is MATE still the most accessible desktop on #Linux for screen reader users? #Accessibility #a11y

Dear lazyweb, what's the accessible way to model a switch/toggle component with multiple states?

I'm currently leaning towards making it a radio button group, but I feel like that might also require the toggle not to take effect until a form is submitted?

#lazyweb #a11y #accessibility #aria
A switch, but instead of "on/off" states, it allows for "None", "Promotional" or "All" options.

Check out the new version of MuseScore which now claims to be accessible on Windows, Mac and Linux: #a11y
I am looking forward to giving it a spin!

It has happened!! @nickcolley has released @semaphore, the successor to #Pinafore, an #Accessible #Mastodon client.

For more information, check:

#Accessibility #A11y #Semaphore

Hello world!

Introducing Semaphore an accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.

Semaphore continues the work of @nolan 's @pinafore, and will prioritise accessibility, continuing Pinafore's track record of integrating improvements from disabled contributors.

Follow this account if you'd like to keep up-to-date with releases and news.

#mastodon #accessible #a11y #client #app #web #semaphore #pinafore

Hello world!

Introducing Semaphore an accessible, simple and fast web client for Mastodon.

Semaphore continues the work of @nolan 's @pinafore, and will prioritise accessibility, continuing Pinafore's track record of integrating improvements from disabled contributors.

Follow this account if you'd like to keep up-to-date with releases and news.

#mastodon #accessible #a11y #client #app #web #semaphore #pinafore

New post in response to @aardrian's article comparing automated and manual WCAG testing results #a11y

I know of at least one person who was affected. They were in an #accessibility analyst role. Were #a11y teams hit hard by these layoffs?


Anyone hear if accessibility personnel have been part of these mass tech layoffs? Only one I’ve heard was the Twitter team of course.

Has anyone done something like paired programming but specifically for remediating accessibility issues? How did it go? #a11y

Useful Accessibility And Usability Examples To Help Improve Your Designs #UIDesign #webdesign #a11y #UXDesign

Presentation matters, even in accessibility. Does the voice your OS/app/game use sound boring? Your users will be bored, Microsoft. OneCore voices, not the new ones in Narrator, sound boring. People fall asleep to that. Does your UI not have any distinguishing features? Screen reader users are not going to be stimulated by that. When a dialog pops up, give us a popup sound. If a user is writing and makes a spelling error, give us a buzz or beep. Did text get autocorrected? Let us know. There are so much that hasn’t been explored with sound. Even Linux is all about the visual these days. And yes, I know not all blind people want this. So make it a toggle, with groups of sounds or individual sounds.

#a11y #accessibility #UX #UI

Quick tip: For Mona users on Mac, to scroll to the top of your home timeline, just hit Command + Home twice or so.

#Mona #a11y #macos

Okay am I just going crazy, or has MacOS gotten a little better over the past like 3 months? Like I’ve been using it for just about everything besides heavy web browsing, and it's been pretty good. Makes me almost want to get back into the Apple ecosystem, whenever iOS’ bugs upon bugs are a bit more exterminated. Shoot maybe I’m just crazy. But Windows just, ugh the way when a lot of notifications come in, focus is just stolen out from wherever you were and put into a blank space, like that infuriates me. Oh and the Mac Mail app being a lot nicer than Gmail’s web app. Like it's totally first-world problems, and I could live on Windows, but my goodness it gets on my nerves a lot. Lol meanwhile Android gets even more smooth with every TalkBack update. Tech companies’ attention to accessibility waxes and wanes, I guess. All this was typed on the new, more quick, TalkBack Braille Keyboard. Although I still can't type smiley faces though.

#a11y #apple #accessibility #android #windows

#Accessibility Acceptance Criteria - Automatically generate test cases for Web, iOS and Android components by T-Mobile's Accessibility Resource Center #a11y #agile