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Today was my first day at Igalia, working on the Core Team, and I got my first tiny sip straight from the firehose. Haven't done that in a while…

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Q: What do you call a hardware developer who plugged 5 V logic into a 3.3 V UART port?

A: A serial killer.

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Volker Krause of talked about integrating UnifiedPush into Plasma Mobile at Akademy yesterday. You can find a recording here: #Akademy2022 #Akademy

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I'm blind and I had no idea October was blindness awareness month. So we need a blindness awareness month awareness month, preferably September. :)

1. I don't see anything: no shapes or colours. Occasionally get some (possibly placebo) light perception. Only intensity, no direction or colour or size of focus.
2. I do use braille.
3. But I mostly use TTS to access my computer.
4. I have work now, but it was difficult to get.
5. I don't do eye contact and I rock sometimes. Sighties don't like it.

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"7 Cool HTML Elements Nobody Uses"

#html #web

The most screen reader friendly #XMPP client for the web, so far, is Converse. No fully accessible client on iOS yet. #Accessibility #A11y

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XMPP is kind of a dead end for accessibility at this point
@jookia @pep

Unfortunately, neither #Conversations (Android) nor #Monal or #Siskin (iOS) seem to be accessible. Maybe #Dino (Linux, Windows) is better, because of its integration into #Gnome. And perhaps #Profanity and #Poezio (Linux), because console applications oftenly work well with screen readers.

#A11y #Jabber #XMPP
@debacle @jookia @pep Miranda NG is the only accessible Windows client I've seen so far. Snikket on iOS is close, but not fully accessible yet.
@debacle @Jookia Ⓥ @pep @Robert Kingett Just a little correction. #Conversations on #Android is the most accessible chat app I've used. No matter which screen reader I'm using daily and I like it verry much. #Dino on #Linux is partially accessible. The issue is incoming chat can't be navigated through with arrow keys similar to other #GTK read only text entries.

And that's it – the LibreOffice Conference 2022 comes to an end! Huge thanks to everyone who took part, and see you again soon 😊 #LibOCon

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You're doing a great job for the open source community, keep it up.
@jobs Thanks a lot! 😊

Content warning: Libreoffice

Content warning: Libreoffice

Today's #AndroidAppRain in my repo brings you 2 new apps (next to 4 updated apps):

* Transportr (on request by the devs as there are currently problems with the F-Droid build due to non-free dependencies)
* Smart Edge: music status under the pinhole camera

Enjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid and the #IzzySoftRepo :awesome:
Not sure if I recall correctly, but didn't the Transportr main dev used to run his own F-Droid repo? If so, why do they need to fall back on your repo?
Just being curious...

Fuzzy search can be really annoying sometimes.
yeah, I guess if you're always super accurate that can be a bit of an annoying problem :-/

Is there a Fountain kind of syntax for stage plays? #Fountain #Movies #WritingCommunity
What is missing in Fountain for stage plays? What I see are Enter and Exeunt.
@ArneBab Oh I was thinking about exporting. Like, exporting fountain into a stage script rather than a film formatted script?

Today's song on repeat:

OMG, #Vodafone modem spontaneously switched from bridge to router mode after yesterdays electricity outage. How can this happen? All other settings stayed intact. Due to this error several of my self hosted services didn't work and I couldn't connect home to fix it. That quite complicated my day.
@fourstepper . Well the Technicolor vodafone router I have can't do much. I remember that even simple port forwarding wasn't reliable enough, static dhcp leases wasn't supported at all... And if I want a both public IPv4 and IPv6, the only way in Vodafone netowork is a IPv6 tunneling - again their modem can't do that. I just want to shape the network by my needs, not by Vodafone's decisions. But it sometimes has this cost of broken network because of Vodafones's broken end devices...
static dhcp leases sound like a problem, but I guess one could just use static addresses

Lawyers, and law school professors especially, tend to have this absurd view of the law as some kind of beautiful, antiseptic machine delivered to us by some kind of higher intelligence, rather than as just one more grubby way that imperfect people use imperfect tools to deliver imperfect justice.

According to this article, events are finally freeing some of them from that delusion. It seems to be a pretty painful process. But escaping delusion usually is.
Interesting. Positivism is more common in Europe, and the tension between courts and democracy is clearer. What often happens is a sort of rough take that says any order is better than chaos. When I studied law I was taught that South Africa's racist laws was still useful because there was procedure, rules, courts and predictability, so even within oppression people could make plans. It's not very inspiring, and there's often a "positivist blues" when students find this stuff out.

Relaxing ambience, and very cool modulations towards the end.
@modulux Thanks so much!

So, S76 is using a GUI toolkit (Iced) that doesn't have accessibility support for their COSMIC desktop and app suite. That's concerning. I hope they plan to help implement accessibility before releasing.

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@0xDEFACE I had not seen any answers to this question before asking it.
Where's the question? It looks like you wrote "That's concerning" without giving it the briefest amount of good faith.

I can't imagine posting something with those implications about a day-old demo without any amount of diligence or foresight.

I wonder if being honest on the "Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability" forms has been hurting my job chances... In an ideal world it shouldn't, but I feel like maybe there's a chance...

Anyone else having issues with Firefox _not_ reloading the page you redirect to from the server when you use a 303 redirect (POST/redirect/GET). Seeing this in Firefox 105.0.1 on Linux (Fedora Silverblue 37).

Both WebKit (GNOME Web) and Chromium load the page being redirected to from the server via a GET request as they should. Firefox makes no request.

I even tried setting the Cache-Control header to 'no-store' on the original page request, but still the same behaviour.


#web #dev
Now don't fall into another rabbit hole! :)

I still see people complain that DBus is too complex and whine whine unix philosophy whine whine. Buddy, you have never written an activation system without race conditions, have you.
I tried and failed to make it concise. So instead I wrote:

I'm probably wrong about everything.
@wjt Thanks! I need to look more closely.

Happy Sunday from the Tutanota team! 😍😎👇
Tutanota team in Hanover, Germany.
thanks. Happy Sunday to you too!

We're aware of an issue affecting #Google #calendars and our team is actively working to solve it.

You may have problems syncing or displaying events. (Note that your events still exist on Google's side even if they don't appear in Thunderbird).

We promise to keep you posted, and thank you for understanding.
Following up as promised:
If you've been experiencing connectivity or sync issues with Google Calendars (CalDAV), you should start to see improvements this week. Thanks for your patience while we solved the issue!
I solved the issue many years ago moving away from any G services... :flan_guns:

Une taxe sur les œuvres du domaine public... voilà une idée qu'elle est bien conne ..

Projet de loi de finances pour 2023 (no 273) Amendement n°I-CF897 - Assemblée nationale
ne pas attribuer à la stupidité ce que l'on peut attribuer à la corruption.

October is Blindness Awareness Month, AMA! Fun facts to start:

93% of people with sight loss have some level of sight, even if it's just telling the difference between light and dark.

Braille users are pretty rare (I've heard different percentages but all in single digits) so don't think slapping Braille on everything means you're done with accessibility.

We tend to be very poor. 75% of working-age blind people in the UK don't have jobs. People think being blind means we can't do most things.

Now that it's basically confirmed that Ironheart is appearing in Black Panther 2, I have mixed feelings. In the comics, Riri is a really smart American girl who built an iron man suit in her garage. I hope this movie doesn't take that away from her by tying her in with Wakanda.

I also feel like it's very strange, almost racially opportunistic to put her origin in the Black Panther movie instead of her own series or even Armor Wars. Riri had nothing to do with Wakanda in the comics.
@guerrillarain yeah, she's getting a Disney+ series later
Random idea: Maybe she could be a really smart American girl who builds her own Iron Man suit and thereby wins an international science competition sponsored by the Wakandan government?

just handed in my master's thesis. Let's all hope I actually pass. Keep your fingers crossed, include me in your prayers, whatever

@aral do you have any recommendations for small home servers? I've got a nuc and a pibox, but I'm looking for something to run a community nextcloud instance (and eventually some kitten sites)?
Not off the top of my head but there are so many choices these days. (I’ve mostly been playing with Pi-level devices for individual small web sites.)

But let me boost your post and see if anyone else has any suggestions :)
I was also thinking of a pi with some version of linux - or an old pc/laptop if you've got one knocking around

no idea how intensive nextcloud is in resources, though database could take a bit

“Palantir Technologies had a secret plan to deepen its relationship with the UK’s National Health Service without public scrutiny.

The US data-analytics company aimed to buy up smaller rivals that already had an existing relationship with the NHS, according to emails and strategy documents seen by Bloomberg. This approach would hopefully allow Palantir to avoid further scrutiny in working with one of the largest depositories of heath data. ”

#peopleFarming #BigTech
I'm glad to see you are defending their business model, and highlight the fact that they do a weekly wrap instead of no journalism at all.

However, the irony was referring to your post, which it contains a link about data harvesting whilst the link itself also harvests data - try rejecting cookie and that link would ends in loop.

I wouldn't have mentioned it if it's a direct link to the source Bloomberg.
@kunt Ah, gotcha! Yeah, I remember they were having all sorts of issues with those links.

With error pages this nice, you might actually want to introduce some bugs into your sites ;P

(Coming soon to Kitten… having a bit of Friday fun.) :)

#kitten #smallWeb #dev
Kitten 500 error page. Has a cute illustration of a kitten playing with a ball of violet yarn. The 500 text is in deep pink, the error “ReferenceError: pageNotFoundErrorTemplate is not defined” is in dark violet. Underneath, there is a stack trace section showing stack frames and the error location in a neat list.
Screenshot of Kitten 404 Page Not Found page. Large illustration of cute kitten looking at you sites on 404 in deep pink and “Page not found” in dark violet.
that's good, but wouldn't children prefer to choose their own illustrations?

Se ha ido la luz en casa dos veces. Y claro, cuando usas el acceso remoto, te jode.

I’m giving a (virtual) talk on Small Web at the Wizard Amigos Code Camp this Thursday, 5PM Irish time.

I’ll be demonstrating the latest state of development of Kitten ( and Domain ( and talking about how we must focus on topological decentralisation and tackle decentralisation from a non-colonial perspective.

#smallWeb #smallTech #WizardAmigos #web #dev #decentralisation #kitten #domain
the event looks entertaining. have fun!

Coreutils `date` not being able to parse it's own default output on non english locales is ... quite disappointing 😲.
@Bubu, can I haz mo' details? Pretty plz!

These days, collecting locale parsing errors is somewhat of a hobby for me.

@walter Compare LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-8 date -d "$(LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-8 date)"


LC_TIME=de_DE.UTF-8 date -d "$(LC_TIME=de_DE.UTF-8 date)"

(The LC_TIME isn't used for parsing, only for the output format :-/)

A new youtube short: Colours, Bap (Finger Drumming)

I learned you can write 'solidarische Grüsse' at the end your e-mails, as soon as I figure out how to translate that into English, I will probably start using it just to be less formal.

Also in Czech I usually write 's přáním brzkého konce kapitalismu', but idk how to translate it, maybe 'with the wish of a speedy downfall of capitalism'.
I'd translate that as "In solidarity," and have seen that used every now and again.

Google has a huge opportunity to push forward free and open source gaming with their larger long term strategy as they are abandoning #Stadia ( Instead of giving people back their money and throw the whole platform tech away, they could turn over source code and copyright.

People and ccompanies that invested in this would not be let down and it would make for a wonderful contribution to counter market dominance - and would #empower users. Go Google, do the right thing!
@aral Would it or would it not be good to open source a complete platform, and allow its users to determine its course by giving them copyright? Would that not offer people an alternative to Sony and Microsofts dominant gaming platforms?

I think you must have used Etherpad at some point? What is different here? Do you still see that as a Google product? Of course, #Cryptpad is warmly recommended.
“Open Source” for a surveillance capitalist like Google is one or several of four main things:

- The potential to use free labour
- The potential for positive public relations (which, when amplified, will hopefully get people thinking about them as a benevolent philosopher kings instead of the robber barons and people farmers that they are)
- The potential to influence the stack (with tools that function in line with their success criteria)
- The potential to find new talent

… nowhere in the purview of a trillion-dollar multinational corporation, much less a surveillance capitalist, is there the goal of furthering the commons and contributing to the public good.

The sooner we stop pretending they ever had this goal and the sooner institutions that have some level of legitimacy (or at least a claim) in representing “the alternative” stop laundering their legitimacy by perpetuating these myths, the better.

… Just as with Big Tobacco, we will start turning the tide against Big Tech when we manage to make them socially unacceptable.

With Big Tobacco this came with the Surgeon General’s report unequivocally stating that smoking harms your health.

We need the equivalent in tech.

Institutions like yours shouldn’t be pleading with Google to “do the right thing” any more than an animal rights group would plead with factory farms to “please, be kind.”

The goal is to not have factory farms.
@aral I think it's a good thing to point out that it's definitely a thing that they could do, and that it would be a great resource for lots of people – the fact that Google won't as contrasted with what they could in fact do helps paint a stronger picture of how to view them as a company imo.
@aral In your analogy, a factory farm has declared it will immediately close and fire all employees, and NGI is asking them to send all cattle to a community-owned animal sanctuary rather than just slaughter and bury them on the farm's premises.
@aral It appears we don't share the same strategic insights. Thank you for your advice though, I know it comes from a good heart - but don't let your judgement be clouded by anger and assumption. Big Tobacco is not the right metaphore here, really.

Look at the matter at hand, and focus on what you want to achieve - and what could be helpful. Google is about to kill a service that failed to successfully compete with two dominant big tech players. Ignoring this opportunity exists makes no sense.
With all due respect, I’ve been making things with computers for the last four decades, working professionally in the field for over two decades, I’ve contributed to books and given countless talks at international conferences on the subject, and I’ve been an invited expert at the European Parliament twice. Writing off what I’ve said as “anger and assumption” is what I’d expect from a Silicon Valley lobbyist, not an EU institution purporting to support alternatives to it.
Given that we’ve applied for funding with you and in light of this current conversation, I have one very important question for you:

Do you (NLnet/ngi) see anything fundamentally wrong with Google and it’s business model or do you think they are generally a force for good in the world (but they sometimes make mistakes and could improve how they do certain things).

I’d like to know this as we are very careful about who we associate with and, especially, who we accept money from.
@aral Please find me a technology big tech is involved with that we are not funding actual alternatives to. Any form of proprietary lock-in is something we target to remove, anything that invades privacy needs to be stopped/mitigated (think #NoScript, #JShelter,, #Goatcounter, #TrackingTheTrackers, #Searx, #Qubes, #SpectrumOS, etc). That is our contribution. Obviously, the trillion dollar surveillance economy needs to be curbed by harsh regulation, but this is not within our remit...
Thank you for clarifying your position. I’m glad to hear that you don’t think Silicon Valley people farmers like Google, Meta, etc., are forces for good in the world and can be reformed but that they must be stopped/mitigated. It’s good to know that NGI/NLnet does not approach them as partners to work together with (so they can improve) but sees them as the problem to be solved by funding alternatives with different business models and success criteria. This is exactly as it should be.🌻 reshared this.

#EU are kinda blinded like all people the funding is poured down the drain.

#nlnet guys at least fund "better" unless tech projects ;)

I have tried talking to um about this, my thought is the people picking the projects are a self reflecting #geekproblem so they are unlikely to fund let alone see value outside this narrowness.

It's the mess we look at from outside, likely nice bunch of people as individuals though
@aral It seems to me "Big Tech" isn't all the same though: you have the plainly bad business of advertising/selling personal data, which could "simply" be banned or ended by Teaching the World about ad-blocking and private browsing.
A trickier problem is useful services where economy of scale leads to monopoly: even if power didn't corrupt, having GoodHostingCorp host *all* websites seems like a bad idea, but everybody hosting their own would be wasted duplicate effort.
@aral Google did release etherpad which brought about a revolution in collaborative writing, so it might work out. @NGIZero
@ArneBab Bless them, they’re such an excellent company. Such a role model. Let’s make sure we encourage all new computer science graduates to apply for jobs there. Not only is the pay great but they just do so much for the world with their open source work.

Also, have you heard, some clueless folks seem to have a vendetta against them and are trying to regulate (basically restrict) them? How horrible. Why would anyone want to harm a company that gifted humanity the likes of etherpad?
@aral I think you are oversimplifying this: They can be an evil company *and* their opensource releases can be useful. There can be people at Google who try to do something good while evil — they try to use their ill-gotten privilege to undo some of the damage. @NGIZero
@aral In short: For surveillance capitalists 'opensource mains' Free 4 Freedoms for them but not for the others.

Buenos días desde la Administración Pública.
Empezamos la semana con energía e intentando corregir cosas que vienen mal hechas de otros departamentos, buscando soluciones creativas.