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I mean, how could you not at least try it?

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Photo of Tayto cheese and onion chocolate bar in my hand.
And with real crisp pieces, too. A no-brainer for sure.

@thunderbird Is there or will there be an "ESR" version of Thunderbird?

Because with every update, I seem to get more and more problems to a point where it is now almost unusable :cwy:

It was working almost bug-free for me for years, so I would really like to switch back to something that "just works".
Not aware of any plans for an ESR version, but we'd be grateful to know what kind of bugs you're experiencing. Have you tried looking around or posting at or Bugzilla?

Clean up the web!

A reminder that you, as a developer, can make a difference on the Web simply by choosing not to perpetuate people farming on your own sites and apps.

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One of our users found out that some Google stuff was still present on our news page (GRAV), but only when noscript was enabled. Otherwise, no third parties were involved. But we got rid of that now too, even with noscript enabled. This stuff is really everywhere...

Thanks for the link.
I have now added header('Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()') to my CMS. Thanks for the hint! # #

Why is your privacy fucked? You should go ask at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference where the brightest minds in the field meet, sponsored by Google and Meta.

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Will check it out, thanks :)

Huge improvements on's federation performance since we switched over to pyston on May 20th :D inbound federation PDU processing median speeds up from 100-250ms to 50-75ms since switching to Pyston on May 20 outbound federation PDU sending median speeds up from 100-250ms to 25-50ms(!) since switching to Pyston on May 20
Awesome ... is there a tutorial or wiki out there, for how we self-hosters can do the same?

Danke, y gracias.
sounds interesting! Is this only useful for big servers? Is there any easy guide we can follow?

大噶猴,庆祝喷三9月9日重磅发售,转发中抽一个幸运小象做水产🐙🦑,赠 Splatoon3 数字版游戏本体,发售当天通过digital code兑换。要求有ns机子,试射会或6月6日开奖~

Miteinander reden!


Die Zukunftstapete will greifbar und erlebbar machen, was möglich ist und erzählt eine grafische Geschichte aus einer nahen Zukunft mit vielen spannenden Links zu realen Projekten.

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Nach ein paar Tagen nicht-so-ganz- # ein paar Infos für die Leute, denen ich hier begegne:

- Seit 2020 spiele ich online # / #. Hauptsächlich erzähllastige Spiele, oft Indie. Ich würde mich freuen, hier ein paar Leute mit ähnlichen Neigungen zu finden.
- Bibliothekarin, die mit zuhnemenden Alter immer antikapitalistischer statt altersmilde wird.
- Kämpfe mit zu wenig Spoons, Haupträuber sind # und #.
- # in Freizeit, Beruf und Alltag

After a few days of not-so-new-here's a short # for the folks I run into here:

- I've been playing # / # online since 2020. Mainly narrative-heavy games, often indie. I'd be happy to find some people with similar tastes here.
- Librarian, getting more anti-capitalist instead of mellow with increasing age.
- Struggling with too few spoons, main thieves are # and #.
- # in leisure, work and everyday life.

Dummheit ist ein gefährlicherer Feind des Guten als Bosheit. Gegen das Böse läßt sich protestieren, es läßt sich bloßstellen, es läßt sich notfalls mit Gewalt verhindern das Böse trägt immer den Keim der Selbstzersetzung in sich, indem es mindestens ein Unbehagen im Menschen zurückläßt. Gegen die Dummheit sind wir wehrlos.

Dietrich Bonnhöfer

Morality is dead. It was smothered to death with a spreadsheet. starts now! # will be about # & # in transitional times. ## & wait for you at their joint exhibition stand. Visit us and let’s have a nice chat!
EDPS and EDPB staff on the exhibition stand at CPDP Conference 2022
Heh. I've started watching it. I could do with a bit of humour.
Well it’s always good to know what the privacy-washers are saying. Know your enemy and all that.

Also good to know who doesn’t mind having their legitimacy in privacy and human rights used to launder the likes of Google and Meta.

All very enlightening.

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"There's nothing Windows can do that Linux can't"

okei hva faen haha

(And once again for my non-Czech speaking followers): this is the first children's book I've translated! A Spanish fairy tale about a witch called Anna Kadabra. Extremely fun to translate, with all its puns and rhymed spells. 😊 Hope Czech children will enjoy it.

Hello, all. I'm # so here is my #.

I’m a mild-mannered engineering type by day, and I dabble in drone ambient # and # when spare time and motivation allow.

My music endeavors have been an on-again/off-again hobby of playing with # programs since the early '90s with an Amiga 500. My current DAW of choice is #.

Lately, I have been working on # music and # field recordings.

# #

Hello Community!
Today is my first experience using this Platform, and I can honestly say this is exactly what I've been waiting for, for a VERY long time! In my opinion, we as people (and especially as creatives) have been suppressed in so many ways, especially by big corps..

FINALLY we have a REAL opportunity to grow together as a community without the strings attached! I am honored to be joining you on this journey.

May we all coexist, and free ourselves! <3

New around here, here's my #:

I'm Solune, data science enthusiast based in Zürich, CH. I advocate for an explainable and transparent use of Machine Learning and am passionate about the ethical issues raised by such machinery.

I believe in a decentralized future for the Internet. I advocate for the increasing use of bicycles (#) and I want cities back to their citizens rather than to cars or industrial activities. I care overly about urban planning and public transport.

So recently I finished the setup for my Ko-fi page. I decided to open the page since I feel like I need to fund myself for the upcoming works that I currently handle.

If you like my work or want to support me you can donate/follow me here:

CDs are hand-sized disks storing digital audio in their physical microscopic structure (caveats I'll explore tomorrow), aiming to be resilient to scratches and other ways routine handling can damage their data. Today I'd like to explore my understanding of how the circuitry in a CD player converted the laserlight reflected by the disk or not as it spun past into soundwaves for you to enjoy.

But first: CDs needed to keep their laser focused on the correct track!

Oh, I forgot: CDs use 2 overlapping Reed-Solomon Codes so they can recover from longer scratches. Also there's RAM involved in that process.

Closest public doc to a primary source: ECMA-130:

Technology Connections:

Ben Eater:



Seriously everyone other than Ben Eater & 3Blue1Brown seem to either be explaining error detection/correction to mathematicians as opposed to software devs, or providing mystifying non-explainations!

CDs are a proprietary standard, which ECMA didn't like when designing a CD-ROM filesystem.

10/10 Fin!

【欢迎转发】生活在GTA的象友们!随着日照变久天气转暖,各种户外活动也越来越多了。欢迎大家多出门去探索周边。找到自己喜欢的公园,trail,面包店,咖啡店,苗圃,farmers’ market。

最欢迎大家来 Main Street Markham Farmers' Market,因为我和工作室的其他potter会在这里摆摊进行pottery sale!​:0150:​​:0150:​​:0150:​ market里还有各种农产品和手工艺品。每周六上午9点到下午1点。欢迎大家来玩!我不是每周都去,但是我们的摊位永远都有人。

这条街像unionville一样也是historic site啦,有好看的房子和有趣的小店,夏天有更多街道上的鲜花,蛮适合出来逛逛吃gelato拍照的。

Matrix https://element.envs.net

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Cloud Provider: Zero Trust. Assume breach. Verify explicitly.

Me: Okay, I assume you have been breached by the NSA. Please explicitly verify that you haven't been.

Cloud Provider: Not like that! You're doing it wrong.

I like filesystems, because they're rugged and survivable and import/exportable between multiple OSes and storage formats.

But I guess I would really love a computer which had a "datasystem" instead of a filesystem. And where some of that data could be automatically consistency-constrained based on some definable criterion (which itself would have to be able to be stored as data). I say "criterion" because it *might* be a "type" but many of today's type systems don't cut it for databases.
another thingg that uses a lot of similar ideas is perkeep.
i have tried using it in earnesty and i can’t shake the feel that it is an overly complex data trap. i think this is probably an issue with the UI/UX more than the ideas themselves. but it has an object store, for blobs and more structured objects like social media posts, and configurable back ends that can sync onto the cloud or your local disk or whatever

A game from the 00s (Battlechess) recently came to mind. Couldn't find it, asked stackexchange for help.

I've spent about 7 hours installing win 3.1/95/98 on different windows software (QEMU/Virtualbox/WINE) in the middle of the night but in the end the game finally worked on 86box. I managed to capture some gameplay and I'm glad that a piece of history is preserved, pretty bummed to not have seen anything before. Here it is:

now fish is complaining about lowercase characters and dots in a environment variable name. I dunno man... it gives me this big long stacktrace when I open my terminal.
I thought of it like this: if the designers of UNIX and its userland software were attempting to be unopinionated about how data should be structured, they ended up being highly opinionated about who can possibly use their systems. hm?

it's a design decision to engender chaos, and it's considered wise... :thounking:
computer engineers: here's a flat array of addressable bytes. have at it, kid!

users: so I, uhh ... I- how do I put the data?

computer: ERROR Segmentation fault

computer engineers: works exactly as intended!

Content warning: 115网盘sha1链接分享


首先肯定是 zlibrary
1. 谷歌搜索“zlibrary”后直接点开第一个,一般都可以进去
2. 收藏登陆页: 登陆后会自动跳转到可用域名
3. 使用 telegram 上的 bot,搜索「@firstlibrarybot」后关注,绑定完账户后就可以用了。发送书名会返回搜索列表,点击选择下载。好处是不受域名改变限制、不需要重复登录、直接在 tg 里下载文件方便快捷。唯一的缺点是文件大小有 50m 限制

如果 zlibrary 上没有,建议直奔:
这个依靠的是超星库,和淘宝上的 PDF 代找原理一样,所以必须付费(因为超星本身就是要收钱……)但它是互助平台所以便宜很多(3¥ vs 1.8¥)
btw 获得了zl上没有的资源,也建议顺便上传zl造福大家 :ablobcatheart:



libgen 相关站点( 等等)
网络资源怎么能少了俄国人的身影 :0350:
南狐:资源没有 z-library 那么全,但好处是其文件的备份方式比较多,所以下载选择比较多样,不会遇到什么登陆墙或者限速。








XD 还有什么更好的方法欢迎补充,我编辑进来
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2.然后就是我自己唯一会分享上传电子书的网站: 非注册用户也不限速,不过偶尔网页打开的时候会播放唐朝乐队的《国际歌》,有点社死。

【电子书】freembook全站15.72万书(kindle格式为主) [rar][1.4TB]
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@board 有没有番剧版聊,没有的话顺手建个: @bgm

# Round 3 Match 2!

The Scarlet Pimpernel was, to quote Wikipedia, "a chivalrous Englishman who rescues [french] aristocrats before they are sent to the guillotine. Sir Percy Blakeney leads a double life: apparently nothing more than a wealthy fop, but in reality a formidable swordsman and a quick-thinking master of disguise and escape artist."

Doc Savage (Jr.) was trained by a team of scientists his father assembled to be superhuman. Much in common with both Batman & Superman

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We look at what's new in # 5.18, released this weekend

Alright, time for a re-#!

I'm Courtney! I live in the US, I'm a UX engineer, I enjoy video games (and not always Stardew Valley!), I'm a wife & mom, and I'm trans.

I'm here to find new friends, discover interesting stuff, maybe vent about life's challenges a bit, and show off anything cool I create 😊


Frankly not sure whether I ever did a proper # post, so making one I can pin:

Hello, new and seasoned fediverse! My name's Ethan, I live in central Massachusetts in the U.S I'm also a struggling puzzle addict and I'm curious about tech. I post too much about work (as a digital archivist) so trying to post more about what I'm reading, watching, playing.

I keep several long-form blogs if that's your thing: