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My pie has ov'flowed
Burns on the oven's bottom
House is full of smoke.

In September 1968, more than 10,000 Wall Street stockbrokers collectively harassed a 21-year-old computer operator.
NEW YORK - A stockbroker in a proper blue suit shinnied up a buttonwood tree to see what the fuss was all about.
The steps of the New York Stock Exchange were jammed. Spectators ran to rooftops and clung to light poles.
At 1:34 pm yesterday police estimated the crowd on Wall Street near the Stock Exchange where the nation's financial business is centered at 5,000.
At precisely that moment Francine Gottfried, a 21-year-old computer operator from Brooklyn, steeped from the BMT Subway Station and walked down Broad Street.
She wore a tight yellow sweater and red skirt and almost caused a riot.
--The Tampa Times, 20 Sep 1968 Why did Wall Street go wild to see Francine, a 21-year-old computer attendant, emerge from the Brooklyn subway each day at 1:30 p.m.? The question was put to a dozen men in the area.
"They were just letting off steam," a New York Stock Exchange man said. "This has been a busy year, there's been lots of tension and people here are in high key. They're all geared up."
--The Ithaca Journal, 26 September 1968
NEW YORK - An estimated 15,000 men jammed the narrow streets of the financial district during the lunch hour yesterday, hoping for a glimpse of the super-shapely brunette whose stroll to work Thursday drew a traffic-jamming crowd of 5,000.
But Francine Gottfried wasn't there.
"We have her the day off, and she'll be off Monday and Tuesday, too," said a spokesman for the Chemical Bank of New York Trust Co., where the 21-year-old Brooklyn lass is employed as an IBM machine operator.
--The Courier-Journal, 21 Sep 1968 NEW YORK - Sweater-girl Francine Gottfried, expressing her amazement at the crowd of 10,000 person in the Wall Street district who jammed the area to get a look at her 43-25-37 figure:
"It's all crazy. These people have all the responsibility of handling millions of dollars and they act like they're out of their minds."
--The Call-Leader, 25 September 1968

Ugh I love the integration between Android and Windows. I'm reading HackerNews on Windows, waiting on my Doordash order which I successfully completed on the Mac (with effort), and having the notification that the dasher is nearby presented, from my phone, on my Windows PC. That's just so nice.
@kev @x0 Ah. My air has 16 gb of ram and a quad core i5 processor. Enough to run a VM with my Mac plugged in. Got that machine shortly before I left fruit land. My work Mac is an intel Macbook Pro with a more powerful processor. Better for running Parallels, even without the Mac plugged in. My employer purchased that machine. So yeah, I definitely recommend upgrading when you can. Because the M processors are supposed to be better than what I have. And what I have works great.
@SingingNala @kev @x0 Mine only has a single core, hyperthreaded to four.

I studied capitalism in college because it was a particular interest of mine. I hated it. I also wanted to understand it, so that I could know why it rubbed me the wrong way and live intentionally to push against it.

There was this moment when I was in a grad course and the professor was talking about self-optimizing markets. That's when it hit me. I literally stood up in the class, interrupted everything and went like "wait, the math isn't optimizing for income inequality". It was kind of funny watching more than 100 little economists in training suddenly start tearing apart the equation at once. You could literally hear the sound of frantic spreadsheeting and charting.

In the end, the professor himself said that it was true, you could achieve a fully "optimized" economy with literally everything being owned by a handful of people. Made me think.

How is a system supposed to be beneficial for us all when the mathematics at its core don't actually consider societal benefit?

If an economy is fully "optimized" but everyone is sick, sad, and angry - is it actually optimal?

A mathematical model can make sense without being sensible. This is why I have an implicit distrust of algorithms and other systems of optimization. It's also why I'm a socialist.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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I don't think anyone is out here with 30 legs anymore. A big trend in evolution seems to be less is more.

Insects all have six limbs. But trilobites have... a lot. Shouldn't we regard a trilobite with 30 as very different from one with 18?

Well, today I learned that we've known for some time that such things aren't fixed for a given species. Much like centipedes they change as they grow. It's a bit complex! #evolution #trilobites

It is now generally known that the youngest stages of trilobites found as fossils are minute ovate or discoid bodies, not more than one millimetre in length, in which the head por- tion greatly predominates. Altogether they present very little likeness to the adult form, to which, however, they are trace- able through a longer or shorter series of modifications.

Since Barrande first demonstrated the metamorphoses of trilobites, in 1849, similar observations have been made upon a number of different genera. The general facts in the ontogeny have thus become well established and the main features of the larval form are fairly well understood. ’

Before the recognition of the progressive transformation undergone by trilobites in their development, it was the cus- tom to apply a name to each variation in the number of thoracic segments and in other features of the test. The most notable example of this is seen in the trilobite now commonly known as Sao hirsutc Barrande. It was shown by Barrande that Corda had given no less than ten generic and eighteen specific names to different stages in the growth of this species alone.
View of a trilobite showing some 30 legs.

Content warning: #BrailleJeopardy returns!

Content warning: #BrailleJeopardy returns!

Dude Python you're weird. WTF? if isinstance(item, str):
NameError: name 'basestring' is not defined
OMG what? textList.append(item)
AttributeError: module 'speech' has no attribute 'IndexCommand'

Yes, I made a #Tumblr thing. It's gonna mainly be a crosspost hub, though, where you go to my main website to read the rest of my content, but still, if you wanna follow my thoughts about Disability in #Romance and #RomanceLandia in general, here is another place you can find me. I'd suggest you subscribe to one of these better options, though!

I think we need this in Canada,

Setting up a #mastodon server is really, really hard. You do the slightest thing wrong and all the services start correctly, all looks good until you visit the page and it sits there failing to load. what's even more enfuriating is when the page title is registered and no actual html or anything comes through.
If it has the ability to set a custom character limit and works with Semaphore without much messing around, then I'll definitely give it a look.
this reply is coming from Also, you can change character limit. I have an instance set up on for people who are interested in seeing accessibility fixes before they get pushed to the stable branch. If you want an account to look around/try it, pm me your email and I'll set you up. It's invite only instance.

Old Dell XPS 13 battery was down to <60% of the original capacity, so ended up getting an official part replacement off of Amazon (yes, yes, I know); lucked out, and managed to get a Prime delivery as well.

Disassembly and re-assemby took about 15 minutes, and now I'm back to 100% capacity. I should be able to squeeze a couple more years out of this 2016 laptop—which is still the best one that I've ever had that.
@hub There are sellers that have Dell-branded parts:
It's void in the kingdom of Canada.

i went to [an undisclosed abandoned location in the sacramento area] and snapped some cool pics
a wall of various colorful graffiti, including a zombie head saying "live less pay more" and the big red words "FUCK TRUMP"
someone wrote "covid 2020" then folks added a 1 and 2 to the year over time. historic.
(apologies it's cut off, the sun was in my eyes)
covid 2020, edited to be 2021 and 2022, painted on concrete

Strange to find decent app in a tiny collection of @fdroidorg apps, when I could not found the one I could stand in the vastness of Google Play.
Feel like commercial competition leads to bloated apps full of useless features, which then need to make more money from ads, resorting to unbearable ad integrations.

Good news! Mona will be a one-time purchase app, and will be available on App Store this Spring:
Free trial: 14-day full-feature access for free, with no recurring fee.
Mona Essential: full-feature access on a single platform (iPhone, iPad, or Mac) for 10 USD.
Mona Extra: full-feature access on 3 platforms (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), and supports family sharing. Mona users can upgrade from Essential to Extra for 7 USD.
If you have purchased Spring or Spring mini, Mona Extra will be just 9 USD.
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I do know a guy who does fantastic work if you ever want to ship something else. Say Hi to @Onj
@nick Thanks for the recommendation Nick. Yep, good sound is a must, especially for social media. Tritone/other default app sound to me just says 'Not important. Move on.' Usually LinkedIn or sometimes PayPal. Iconic sound is *just* as important as iconic visuals, perhaps even more so, but that's my personal bias talking. Blind man's perspective here :)

This is the last weekend I’ll be working on iOS Access for All, the tenth edition. On the final pass, the dopamine hits come more quickly, as I sign off on another chapter’s tweaks and twiddles. It’s been gratifying (and also nervous-making) to receive so many notes asking when the book will be ready.

Looks like Google wants to get in on subscriptions to independent sites. The product is called Google Reader Revenue that they are pitching to publishers. It controls the payment infrastructure for a publisher and uses what looks like using a Google cookie to keep people logged in across sites.

Given how Google abandons products I would stay far away, if I were a publisher. If you don't own the payment relationship you don't own the relationship with your subscribers.
Screenshot of Google reader revenue interface and  bullet points of its features
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discovering on tiktok that no one has any idea what a “ponzi scheme” is, as an army of people insist that taxing people to pay out benefits to another group of people is a “ponzi scheme.”

Day 74. When presenting a UI component that overlays the existing UI, you may have found that VoiceOver starts to randomly jump between the overlaid UI and the elements underneath. To avoid that, you can set its accessibilityViewIsModal to true.


#accessibility #iOSDev
An app for reading blog posts. There is an overlay indicating the user that he has read all the free posts for the month and that it needs to become a premium user for unlimited reading. With the accessibilityViewIsModal set to false, which is the default value, VoiceOver would go from elements in the screen from top-left to bottom-right, when navigating by swiping to the right. The result is as if both views were blended providing a very messy and confusing experience where VoiceOver's focus jumps from elements in the article view, to elements in the overlaying view for converting to premium. If accessibilityViewIsModal is set to true, on the other hand, VoiceOver will only focus on elements on that view, treating it as a modal. That's assuming the post view and the convert to premium view, have the same superview.
When setting the accessibilityViewIsModal to true for a view, VoiceOver will ignore its sibling views, treating it as if it was a modal. Useful when presenting custom popups, popovers, modals, action sheets, etc.
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Day 75. Even when setting a view as modal for accessibility, you may notice that VoiceOver's focus stays in the same place, instead of moving to the presented view. You can post a screen changed notification and pass the view that should get the focus.


#accessibility #iOSDev
Youtube app. VoiceOver focus is on the more options button. The user double taps the screen. The options menu is open, but the focus can remain in the more options button when presenting a modal view in a custom way. For moving the focus to the presented view, you can post a notification to UIAccessibility. The type of the notification is screen changed and the argument, the view you'd like to get the focus, in this case, the draggable view that lets you also close the menu.

So liebe Leseratten, ich habe meinen Teil getan: Soeben gingen weitere 23 #eBooks live. Es sind nun also zum 12jährigen Bestehen von "Izzy's freier Bibliothek" in selbiger über 12-tausend eBooks verfügbar 🥳

Nun schaue ich auf die von gesammelten Eingaben und… Keine einzige? Funktioniert die Maske nicht? Oder lässt sich keines der über 2.500 unkategorisierten Bücher einer Kategorie zuordnen? Oder lest Ihr einfach nicht 🙊? Menno… 😭
Ich habe mir mal Kafka vorgenommen und zugeordnet.
@tucholsky Oh ja, da ist tatsächlich was 🤩 Aber sollte "Der Bau" aus "Verschiedenes" nach "Verschiedenes" – oder auch nach "Drama"?

PS: Deinem Nick nach darf ich schonmal raten, was als nächstes dran ist? 🙈 Danke Dir!

Happy #DataPrivacyDay! 🥳

Here are some privacy-first apps frequently recommended by the Tutanota community.

What are your favorite apps to quit #BigTech?

#DataProtection #Encryption #Security #Privacy
Recommended apps: AnonAddy, Standard Notes, Signal, Bitwarden, Firefox, Twilio
why do most people replace telegram for signal I don't get it
How do people feel about @brave? I like it. #browser #privacy

The #Memphis Police Department has disbanded the unit whose officers beat to death motorist #TyreNichols

I have downloaded #Ubuntu 22.04 and made a bootable USB image of the distro. I will "Try Ubuntu" in the morning from the Live Image to see if the installer is accessible or not with a braille display.

I would prefer to be able to install the distro myself without sighted assistance, just like I can with #Debian and #Arch Linux using only a refreshable braille display. I have no speech recognition so I am unable to hear Orca speak.

#Linux #Accessibility #a11y
@devinprater Hook the display up via USB, as long as it's not one of the new HID humanware displays it should work out of the box. ALT+SUPER+s is your friend.
@gklein88 BRLTTY supports the new HID displays in ... 6.5 or so.

Zajímalo by mě, kam se mezi prvním a druhým kolem podělo 3396 voličů.

Několik určitě zemřelo, ale proti tomu zase někteří další dosáhli plnoletosti. Jediné, co mě napadá, jsou nepoužité voličské průkazy.

Tabulka s výsledky volby, mimo jiné obsahující údaj o voličích v seznamu:
1. kolo 8 245 962
2. kolo 8 242 566
nebo to je ukradené jako v USA! Vyhrát měl sympatický miliardář ze Slovenska!
Napadá mě, že voliči se v průběhu roku nerodí rovnoměrně, ale počet úmrtí v lednu bývá obvykle vyšší.

The first beta version of #Tusky 21 is out!
✅ Editing
✅ change your preferred reading direction
✅ improved (bigger) media previews
✅ add accounts to lists from their profile
✅ view all your followed hashtags
full changelog:
⚠️ There is a known issue of 21.0 beta 1 crashing on Androids below 11 that is already being fixed

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thank you for your continueing work!

Me at 20: I want to make a difference in the world

Me at 40: maybe if I stand really still and never speak again, I won’t fuck anything else up

So let's say there's stuff on Amazon Music I'd like to have as normal FLAC files. Is there a tool to do that?
2 years ago there was deezloader, but not sure if it still exist

What I see on Twitter has gotten basically random. "Following" definitely doesn't show me everyone I'm following. Notifications definitely aren't showing me all replies. Feels to me like the algorithm is some dilapidated, chugging Model T that's about to break down entirely.
If Twitter is so eager to monetize: I would pay a monthly fee for a) a simple, no-frills, reverse-chronological view of the tweets of people I follow, that b) actually showed all & only those tweets, and c) didn't f'ing jump around at random.

Such a small ask.
@devinprater it used to be so easy to switch to chronological view. Sadly Twitter is no longer simple and it supposedly knows how and who I want to see. Wonder how much money spent on algo could have been spend to make it accessible.

If you’re not supposed to lie on the floor, why is gravity so strong

here's a refresher for those of you wanting to attach files to a mastodon post (which also applies to peertube).

Video formats:

audio formats:


if on the mobile device, attaching audio files is only doable if using the web version of your instance, either via thy website itself or as a progressive web application.
File length can be unlimited although cannot go over 40 MB.
if asking why you can't attach audio files to Mastodon posts using a mobile application directly (without converting it to a supported video format [such as MP4] first), it's simple really:

This world is too "video centric!"

I started up A Hero's Call after a while of not playing it. I got an error, something about my graphics not being supported. It seems the game won't run under integrated AMD graphics using a 5000-series APU. That's sad, as it was a great game I had fun playing multiple times. Oh well, TLOU comes out on PC in a month.

Wine 8.0 Released — and Plenty of Improvements are Included


It breaks my heart to see my Ds so down on himself. Is this my fault, or is this normal teenager behaviour? How do I fix this? Is it even possible since his peers' approval means more than mine, and some kids are just fucking assholes. They aren't satisfied unless they're making fun of someone. #parenting
I am 21 currently and since I didn't have a normal family per say, now I have a 9-year old brother, he's the same. He doesn't listen to me nor doesn't care about what I am saying to him, his friends are more important. This shall pass. Stay strong and supportive

#introduction My name is Patrick and I'm the #admin of TheTaoist.Online! I really want this instance to become a location for #Taoists/#zen/and #Buddhists to come together. I created a #Blog post about my background in Taoism and why I wanted to create the instance.

This server aims to be a place to join other #taoist, #zen students, and followers of other eastern religions.

If you'd like to help support me, please visit my Linktree:
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The @Iconfactory has 16.1k “followers” on Twitter and currently about 4.1k here on Mastodon. Our last post received a whopping 9 likes and 3 retweets on Twitter and an amazing 287 favorites and 163 boosts here on Mastodon.

This has been said before by many people but Twitter isn’t worth your time any more. People don’t SEE what you’re saying there, even if they actually follow you. The service is in big, BIG trouble.

Also, thx for following @Iconfactory here, we appreciate all of you 💕🖖
Twitter screenshot showing 9 likes and 3 retweets
Mastodon screenshot showing 287 favorites and 163 boosts

"Disabled people represent more than 27% of the US adult population — making them the single largest minority group in the country. Yet fewer than 2% of NIH-funded researchers report that they have a disability."

So here's a random thing that I learnt yesterday. Compasses are region-specific and the needle will "stick" if a normal compass is used in the wrong region! Australia and New Zealand are in magnetic zone 5. If you want a #compass that works anywhere in the world, it needs to have a "global needle", which is built a bit differently to account for the problem of the magnet aiming directly through the earth to magnetic north and dragging the needle down with it.
A screenshot of a book page saying that NZ compasses are weighted to keep the needle horizontal
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