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sad that we lost #pinafore support.
mastodon is now in state where, if you want to use it accessibly, use outdated software, or suffer.
it's sad, that we actually lost that many apps that were accessible, I know, metatext and pinafore stil work, but will not get new updates, which is shame.
now even #facebook and #twitter have better #accessibility

Oh Lovely! This means our #private data could be uploaded to Facebook and Google whether or not we want that data shared.

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein says the company's Audiences marketing tool, which uploads customer data to Meta and Google's ad platforms, is a key focus.

#privacy #advertising #ads #marketing #Google #Facebook

Why Would Anyone Use Another Centralized Social Media Service After This? #news #protocolsnotplatforms #decentralized #platforms #protocols #facebook #mastodon #twitter #bluesky #nostr #meta

A leak from the European Data Protection Board reveals that the #EU's top #privacy regulator is about to overrule the Irish Data Protection Commission and declare #Facebook's business model illegal, banning surveillance-based #ads without explicit consent:

A theater proscenium. Over the proscenium, in script, are the words 'Consent Theatre.' On the screen is an image of Mark Zuckerberg standing in front of the words 'Data Privacy.' He is gesturing expansively. A targeting reticle is centered on his face. The reticle is made of the stars from the EU flag.

Anthony Quintano (modified)

CC BY 2.0

So here’s a funny thing. I have 65,000 followers in that “Other Place.” I have 10,000 “fans” on #facebook. BUT my posts here, where I have about 1800 followers, are getting almost as much ENGAGEMENT as my posts on those 2 senior platforms. Nothing I post on FB these days gets more than a handful of likes and shares - totally different from what it was a year ago. The 🐦 site is almost as bad. The change has been abrupt and marked. Also? My engagements here are generally far pleasanter.

Content warning: Twitter-related

Back to #Firefox I go! Multi-Account Containers are a killer #privacy feature that only Firefox (and maybe derivatives) has access to.

There's some helper add-ons to further silo #Facebook, #Twitter, and #Google. (That said, I use my own containers for Google to split my accounts)




Seit kurzem geht ja die Meldung herum, dass man bei #Facebook über ein Onlinetool nach seiner Mail oder Telefonnummer suchen kann, ob diese vorhanden ist und wenn ja, dass man diese dann löschen lassen kann. Ich habe ja hier an einer anderen Stelle schon meine Bedenken an die Glaubwürdigkeit geäußert. Ich vermute einfach mal, dass dieses Tool nichts anderes als Augenwischerei ist und Facebook oder #Meta diese Daten einfach inoffiziell weiter behält und falls nicht schon vorhanden für weitere "Zwecke" speichert.

Jetzt hat sich @Netzpolitik-Feed with benefits mal dieses Thema zur Brust genommen und folgendes dazu geschrieben:
Auf Twitter weist der Tracking-Forscher Wolfie Christl darauf hin, dass das neue Werkzeug vor allem dem Zweck diene, Metas umfangreiche Datensammlungen zu legitimieren. „Um es klar zu sagen: Das existiert nicht, damit Nicht-Nutzer:innen ihre Daten löschen können.“ Es gehe vielmehr darum, eine juristische Rechtfertigung für das Datensammeln zu schaffen. Es sei „ein weiterer manipulativer Trick“, der lediglich Wahlfreiheit simuliere. ...

Hier könnt ihr den kompletten Artikel lesen:
Versteckte Option bei Facebook: Nicht-Nutzer:innen können jetzt ihre Kontaktdaten löschen lassen

We aren't the "Mastodon Network", we are the Fediverse
Gesendet via #Friendica

#Meta kapiert den #Datenschutz nicht

Der Konzern um #Facebook #Insta & Co. sammelt Kontaktdaten (#Handynummer #Mail Adresse) von Nicht(!)-Nutzern - ohne erkennbare #Rechtsgrundlage 👎

#Löschen lassen geht, aber Meta sagt: „In bestimmten Fällen müssen wir deine #Kontaktinformationen länger aufbewahren, einschließlich nach deiner Aufforderung an uns, sie zu löschen.“

No way! 🫣

Meta has created a tool that lets you check if they’ve scraped your phone number or email address from someone else’s contacts list.

It also lets you remove and block your phone number or email from their database. It’s hidden away in one of their help articles:

Source: Business Insider (

#meta #facebook #privacy

@aral It’s fascinating that every time #Facebook is discovered to be doing something nasty, #TikTok seems to have found a way to come out even worse.

OnlyFans Bribed Meta [Facebook] to Put Thousands of Adult Entertainers on Terrorist Watch List, Lawsuits Allege

Via @volt4ire

#facebook #meta #bigTech

🚨 :facebook: NEW: # is collecting ultrasensitive personal # about # seekers and enabling anti-abortion organizations to use that data as a tool to target and influence people online, in violation of its own policies and promises.

# # # #

Facebook zasahuje

Kdyby vás někoho zajímalo, čím vším jde porušit "zásady komunity" na serveru #Facebook :)

Asi mám trochu jiný představy o saunování, než # :D


From leaked # internal documents:

- It has no idea how much data it ultimately collects on its users
- Cannot control where all that data goes internally
- Ultimately does not know what happens with it


Bringing up a #synapse ( stack with,, #elementio, #facebook and #telegram bridges from #mautrix and a bot manager from #maubot, with #dockercompose. My first ever guide!

#matrixorg #traefik #PostgreSQL #homelab


There have been many reports lately that Facebook is blocking links to

If you are still on Facebook, please keep spreading the word about Mastodon and the Fediverse.

If doesn't work, try posting a link to a reliable instance people can join. There are so many instances, Facebook cannot block all of them from being mentioned.

That Facebook are even doing this implies the Fediverse is on their radar, which is quite an achievement in itself!

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Mastodon #Facebook #DeleteFacebook #Alternatives