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I wrote a Dart package for speech-dispatcher, enabling TTS on Linux. It also works with Flutter for Linux. The package supports most features of speech-dispatcher, with additional support for less commonly used functionality like history coming soon. It still needs broader testing, so feel free to open any issues you encounter. My hope is that one of the TTS packages for Flutter will start using it to add Linux support, as most, if not all, currently don't support Linux.

You can find the package on GitHub at… and on at

#dart #flutter #tts #linux

Xin chao and Dumelang! That's how you say Hello in Vietnamese and Setswana. RHVoice Text-to-Speech engine for Android was updated today, adding two new languages: Vietnamese 🇻🇳 and Setswana 🇧🇼. Take a look at our list of languages with available TTS engines on Android… #Android #TTS

#ScreenReader #TTS ich hätte unter windows 11 gern meine Julia von Acapella wieder in NVDA, hab hier noch Infovox 3 und bekomme es nicht mehr zum laufen. Gibt es eine andere Möglichkeit, die TTS für NVDA oder Sapi zu bekommen? Möglichst so, dass ich gefahrlos auf NVDA 2024.1 updaten könnte.

Dla osoby właśnie tracącej wzrok (diagnoza w trakcie) szukam rekomendacji linuksowych aplikacji typu lupa ekranowa, polski porządny screen reader i wtyczek do FF polepszających widzialność.

W przyszłości Jakiś #TTS, albo wtyczka do wiadomości głosowych na Friendice.


#dostepnosc #dostępność #niewidomi #niedowidzący

Hello all.
Over the last couple of days or so I have been on a quest to gather all of the premium old Vocalizer voices that almost noone looks to have anymore.
The older voices had bigger file sises along with a bit of a more quality sound to them, as well as voices that the newer Vocalizer looked to have removed when upgrade was made.
I had a look at the old Vocalizer site as well as blindhelp both past and present but all bhp looks to have is the newer voices, and that's not really what I'm looking for.
As for the old site I guess they removed a lot of the old voices years ago, and just left a couple like tom for example.
I had gotten hold of all the voices on the old site a couple of hours ago in a 24 gb archive, and am now going to archive them direct on the wayback machine for to preserve as much as the old site remains.
I had gotten a tip from a friend who said he'll post what he has to me, and hopefully we can have all the voices.
This effort is meant to preserve and fight against the further enshitification of the newer Vocalizer, as well as to collect old tts history.
If someone is wanting to help me get more of the older voices to work, just let me know.
I have a Resilio sync key if people want to use it, the readonly key is.
#Old Vocalizer #tts #TTS #NVDA #preservation

Great job @eeejay 👏. Even if i don't speak a word Arabic the Piper TTS improvement can absolutely be heard.

Btw. @Marco if you are interested in Piper usage or clone your voice for #tts maybe one or two of my video tutorials are helpful:

I still can't copy-and-paste in Chrome with #JAWS and now #NVDA doesn't work properly with Vocalizer. I need to buy a new version of #Vocalizer unless anyone has a better suggestion? #Accessibility #Blind #ScreenReader #TTS

A demo of a #spiel sample app, the voices used in order are: eSpeakNG's "Andy" variant, MBROLA US2, and Piper's Amy. You can observe the different features like word tracking and quality. #speech #tts #gnome #linux

You know, one thing I really do like about Android, Pixel works but IDK about others. When you turn off the stupid, awful, frustrating bullcrap where you have to tell your phone to "stop", shouting over the alarm to be heard... You can then double tap with two fingers, with TalkBack, to immediately stop the alarm. No need to swipe to the stop button and double tap.

Of course, just like a lot of things in Android, the Double Tap with two fingers just sends the "play/pause" signal, so it's not really a Magic Tap that apps can really make do interesting things, like how in DiceWorld on iOS, you can Magic Tap (double tap with two fingers), to roll the dice without needing to find that button each time. Stuff like that, in apps, is really nice.

Another issue with Android is the way apps handle speech; they almost always just send output of ongoing things, like live OCR results and such, to the system TTS engine instead of TalkBack. This is mainly because that's how it's always been done, but now that Braille is an option, I really hope developers start just sending announcements directly to TalkBack. On iOS, for example, I can play DiceWorld completely in Braille because it sends all announcements to VoiceOver, and not the TTS engine. See, Android has been all about speech at all cost, coming from the days of the Eyes-free shell since TalkBack couldn't use the touch screen yet. iOS, I think, has always let apps send content to VoiceOver, so it can read whatever the dev needs it to, and thus also shows up in Braille, can easily be interupted, all that.

Just some early morning thoughts, don't come at me.

#accessibility #blind #android #iOS #TTS #VoiceOver #TalkBack

@WestphalDenn @Talon I don't think it's that catastrophic as this sounds any more. I can't say this is not happening but it's very rare. I am on @GNOME . If I get an unresponsive experience I can press alt+F2, type in orca --replace and the screen reader comes back. I can even bind this to a global keyboard shortcut.
When I am leaving my office I am often closing some 15 browser windows, some 10 terminal windows, about 5 different files open in the text editor.
Most used apps on my desktop include #Firefox #Thunderbird file manager (pcmanfm or nautilus), Gedit, VLC media player, electron based apps such as teamsforlinux, losslesscut and gnome-terminal.
Next I'm using @LibreOffice, I am also using #Emacs with #speechd-el a little and finally some other less frequently used apps.
As for the #TTS or the #audio setup I am using #RHVoice, speech-dispatcher and @PipeWire Project .
Finally with @Matt Campbell and @Lukáš Tyrychtr we do have tallented visually disabled developers dogfooding or partially dog fooding so let me finish this post by saying it really is gold era of a linux #a11y and we are looking forward for what it brings us in the future.

Dnes si dovolím odkázať na veľmi vydarený český hlas pre hlasový výstup #TTS #RHVoice. Sám autor o tom píše tu:… . O použití pre #Windows #Linux a #Android sa dočítate aj na jednoduchej komunitnej stránke . Gro používateľov sú ťažko zrakovo postihnutí používatelia, ktorí si bez kvalitného hlasového výstupu a čítača obrazovky nedokážu svoj digitálny život predstaviť, možno ale aj vám by sa mohol hodiť takýto hlas pre váš počítač či smartfón nezávislí od obrovských korporácií. Mohli by ste ho napr. použiť na čítanie kníh alebo počas navigácii cez GPS.

We've just updated the list of languages with available TTS engines on Android, bringing the total number of supported languages to 83 with the new voices provided by the RHVoice and CerePlay TTS engines… #Android #a11y #TTS

Another interesting #TTS #AI system. I need to look closer into it in order to see if it's a voice cloning approach or something else:
#AI #tts

For the past couple of months I've been working on Pied (, an application that makes it easy to use modern, natural sounding, text-to-speech voices on Linux. It does this by integrating the Piper neural text-to-speech engine with speech-dispatcher, so most existing software will work with it out of the box.

The first beta version is now available in the snap store:

And available as a Flatpak from

(Other package formats will follow)

I'd appreciate any feedback if you're able to test it, thanks!

#TTS #accessibility #ScreenReader #linux #TextToSpeech

Hello Fediverse,

We are looking for Text-To-Speak (TTS) expertise to help or advise us on improving the default voice of the Linux desktop. :linux: 📣

Please reach out or boost :boost_love:


#Linux #tts #accessibility #a11y #GNOME #KDE #FreeSoftware #freedesktop #ml

Voicify is a tool that automatically recognizes the language of presented text and utilizes the TTS engines and voices installed on the user’s phone to read it. Check out this tutorial on How to Use Voicify, the Automatic Language Switching Tool by Tech-Freedom… #Android #TTS

The default text to speech options on most (all?) linux distros are pretty outdated, so I'm working on a little tool to easily install and configure a more modern option (Piper) and fully integrate it with existing applications via speech-dispatcher

As a result of my fiddling around, I now have @popey narrating my every action through the Orca screen reader...

#TTS #linux #ScreenReader

Over the past year, I've been experimenting with neural text to speech in various forms. I have done hours of experimentation and research, training models and getting varying results along the way. Some of you may have heard of Piper, an open source synthesizer and add on for NVDA that can be trained by anyone. It is currently in active development, and I have been there from the beginning, testing and evaluating the various versions. For years, I have had a goal to create a high-quality voice that is truly usable by a screen reader user, and yesterday I managed to achieve this. I'm really excited to share Alba, a female Scottish English voice. I'm considering this a beta phase, and I'm looking for feedback to make improvements as needed. Please note that you will most likely get an error upon installation, however the voice should still show up to NVDA, and I'm working on fixing this as soon as possible.
Link to Piper:…
Link to addon:…
Link to Alba:… #TTS #AI #ScreenReader #Piper