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A video game that I've played more times than I can count, that I'm SO EXCITED is getting a remake, is Knights of the Old Republic. I can't overstate how much impact this game has had. If you haven't played it before, it's available on a ton of platforms & I HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you love Star Wars. If you have played, what's your favorite Star Wars game & why? Here's me as Bastila with guest star Revan at Star Wars Celebration ❤️ #KOTOR #BastilaShan #Revan #StarWars #cosplay #games
a photo of 2 cosplayers holding lightsabers in front of a convention center during Star Wars Celebration. On the left, one is wearing a black hooded cloak over a helmet that completely covers their face, and matching ornate armor over dark clothing, dressed as Revan, and on the right, the other has dark brown skin, black hair styled in an updo, and is wearing a long brown tabard over a tan bodysuit, with a matching belt and boots. Next to her is her wheelchair.
A dark convention room with the only illumination coming from the projection screen which reads 'Anaheim 2015 Star Wars Celebration' and the dimly lit figure in the center, holding a bright yellow double bladed light saber at an angle behind her back. Her face is obscured, but from her silhouette you can tell her hair and clothing are styled to resemble Bastila Shan from Knights of the Old Republic

A keyboard accessibility horror game!
#a11y #games 👻

Hi I'm Jay! I'm a writer, editor & developer who works in comics, games & books. I love #scifi, #fantasy & especially #StarTrek, #StarWars, #WheelofTime, #TheWitcher and way too many more to tag. BIG #BioWare fan, so expect to see loads of #MassEffect and #DragonAge here. I'm also a cosplayer with 120+ costumes. I stream video games, comics discussions, #TTRPG, art & cooking. I LOVE talking #comics, #cosplay & #games, so feel free to hit me up! Boosts appreciated ❤️
a smiling dark-skinned Black woman holding several comic books including Nubia, Queen of the Amazons, Nubia: Real One, Niobe She Is Life, Living Heroes, and Marvel Voices. Text on image reads 'Comics Chat' 'Indies, Big2, Self Published & Webtoons' 'Jay Justice'

#Introduction time!
My name is dos; some call me Sebastian. I made dozens of small silly video #games and some slightly less small ones too. I'm one half of @holypangolin studio. Sometimes I pretend to be a musician, but don't get fooled. I'm also a living encyclopedia on a Polish rock band "Perfect". Trams are cooler than trains. The more caramel, the better. I've been using GNU/#Linux on #mobile phones for ages, which led me to work with @purism on the Librem 5. btw I use Arch, but I ❤️ Debian!
A very silly and chaotic photo of myself sitting in front of the camera playing a bass ukulele. I'm in a silly propeller hat, Hacktoberfest t-shirt, wearing rainbow cloth mask and shiny round sunglasses full of reddish sequins that together cover up the whole face. In the background there's a sign stating that "Games = art" with a rainbow, googly eyes and colorful flowers around. Another sign states "I am Banksy" in big colorful letters. An ukulele and classical guitar are standing in the background, so does a poster for the game "Karambola". Popular "Minions" characters are climbing the wall behind. A wicked wicker "bird" sculpture is standing in the foreground on a djembe. There's also a guitar amp with crocheted small owls standing on top (one in a cardboard car), a paper magazine about a rock band "Perfect", and a Dell laptop with a Librem 5 phone placed below its keyboard, displaying phosh's lockscreen. Color saturation has been visibly boosted.

For all the #Accessible #Games fans, see the quest related to the Kikiriki Games upcoming title at