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Everything we know about the Apple Neural Engine (ANE)



So, I might be going to the Apple Store this week. *gulp* For those who have M1/M2 MacBoolks, what do you like about them over the Intel modesl?

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I've noticed the trend of more accessibility bugs in new betas as well.

I've also been hearing more and more from people who've tried to report problems about how Apple seems to be deemphasizing their Accessibility commitment in general (not just blind/VI accessibility) especially when it comes to the long term stability of what they've built VS the good PR of new access feature releases.

It's to the point now where some of the techs are all but outright admitting it when you call in about long unaddressed issues; something I've experienced my self first hand.

I wonder if this is as a result of belt tightening do to inflation, investor pressure, or something else entirely.

I’d forgotten how nice using Android can be. A good, accurate onscreen braille keyboard that actually allows you to use all six Braille dots at once, so responsive it feels like I’m using a computer, ugh yes. Oh and Samsung TTS. It's really. nice, although I’ve heard that Google TTS on Pixels have gotten very good too. USB C, works with standards not against them, 5G before my iPhone SE, Dolby Atmos, which, before it came to iPhones, one of the big Apple fans on Youtube said couldn't be done because of physics, with a "dude it's science," kind of laugh. Yet, now Apple is like "the future of audio isn’t high quality, it's spatial audio." I mean, Android of course isn’t perfect. TalkBack has maybe a few more years to go before it has all the features of VoiceOver. But my goodness, when I get tired of bugs and focus issues and Braille issues and a sluggish CPU or unoptimized software, I can turn on Android and just zoom around the interface.

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So I don't know if many Apple developers, or app developers for Apple devices, know about this site. But if you want to see a community of blind people that have formed around Apple devices, Applevis has you covered. They not only have a forum and blog, but a directory of accessible apps, across all of Apple's devices. They also have a bug tracker, user submitted guides, a podcast, hardware reviews, and developer resources! They're even on Mastodon, @AppleVis

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Apple Adds Overlay Data to Accessibility Info in Weather App.

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Quick note to Apple developers. If the first thing I see when I open your app is a cookie notice, that’s an immediate uninstall for me. I don’t care how accessible your app is. I just tried an app called and, immediately, an cookie ad appeared. Immediate uninstall. If you have any other app suggestions, would love to hear them for internet radio. #Apple

This is awesome! SixColors has acknowledged and posted about the AppleVis Vision Accessibility report card on their site! I hope this means more media outlets post about this.

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Regarding last boost: hopefully regulators will one day force #apple to open #iOS and #iPadOS up to sideloading. The claim that they need a closed system to ensure security is bullshit. If they wanted that, they could force apps to run in a formally verified sandbox written in Rust.

Many iPhone users are asking us to recommend safe authenticator apps. Well, the App Store is making it useless to recommend any app. No matter what you search for, the top hit is almost always an ad for a scam app.

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So as I was reading the #AppleVis #Vision #accessibility progress report for #Apple devices, I caught a few mentions of how Google has their user testing group and gathers feedback, and how some users are eagerly watching Android now. And I hope it delivers a good kick in the pants to the leadership at Apple. Apple is constantly saying that "Accessibility is a part of our DNA." "Music is a part of our DNA." Well, that DNA is degrading fast, and I'm so, so glad I'm not the only one that's experiencing a buggy, unoptomized experience on just about all of my Apple devices. Granted, Mac is still great for email, writing, and editing audio. Not because of VoiceOver, but because of the apps available on the Mac. iOS is still a great accessible OS, mainly because of the amount of options Apple gives developers in showing info, and the amount of apps for the blind that has been made for Apple devices over the years. Apple Watch is basically the only good smart watch out there for the blind. But if Android can get to this point, while *preserving* the clean, bug-free experience that it has now, well I could see quite a few blind people switching to Google. I mean I doubt ChromeOS is going anywhere great soon, and Windows is already what blind people grit their teeth and deal with already. So a phone that lets them text from the web browser, transfer files from File Explorer? It wouldn't be a hard choice if accessibility is improved. Also I'm not blaming the accessibility team. I'm sure they bring up that they need more resources any chance they get. But if something better comes along, that allows me, personally, to do my job better, or to be happier when using it, or that works faster? I'm jumping on it.

This is a very good survey of how #Apple #accessibility right now. Covers all of Apple's major operating systems.

[Blog Post] Apple Vision Accessibility: the AppleVis Report Card

@weirdwriter This thread prompted me to find out how to give feedback to #Apple on issues when you aren't part of their software beta programmes.

While they have various different categories on their Feedback page, Accessibility isn't one of them (there are other omissions too but less important ones).

I think that is something they should change and asap:

Please boost for reach: From a mailing list I’m on, some blind people are reporting that they can no longer manage their subscriptions in the App Store. They cannot see the list of subscriptions, so cannot select one to change the subscription, or more importantly, unsubscribe. I tried this with my iPhone running iOS 16.3, restarted my phone today so shouldn’t be some week-old-cache issue. This is… pretty darn bad.

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Content warning: Accessibility and beauty in user interfaces

Don't miss the opportunity to have your voice be heard! Participate in the @AppleVis' survey and rate Apple's vision accessibility features and user experience. The survey closes tomorrow, so don't wait: #Apple #accessibility

If you've been waiting with eagerness for Shelly Brisbin's (@Shelly) latest edition of "iOS Access for All," wait no more. The tenth edition covering iOS 16 is now out. I don't doubt that it's an excellent resource as usual. Even if you weren't waiting with bated breath, you should definitely get your hot little hands on this book.

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The @AppleVis Apple Vision Accessibility Report Card will only be as meaningful and constructive as the feedback we receive from our community. If you use #VoiceOver, #braille, or low vision features on Apple products, please take our survey and share your thoughts: #Apple #accessibility

[Blog Post] AppleVis Launches Apple Vision Accessibility Report Card; Participate in Our' Survey That Will Determine the Report Card Ratings

You know, there’s something about just plopping a file into Voice Dream Reader and just, getting audio out. No need to worry about “will this continue to talk when the screen shuts off?” Or “Will I be able to easily turn the page?” Or “will my focus stay put in the text area?” or “Well what about this format?” or “how will I keep my place?” Just plop it in and listen. Simple, easy, and just, one of the things I love about the third-party apps on iOS and Mac we have access to.

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So. I have a #developer question as it relates to #blind and vision impaired #programmers. What's the current status for blind developers wanting to create #accessible applications, particularly across platforms? I know there's WxWidgets and support libraries for creating #gui applications, but what about creating for #Apple #macOS and #iOS? #Programming

Do you use #VoiceOver, #Braille support, or low vision settings on an Apple device? Your opinion matters! Participate in the @AppleVis survey to rate Apple's accessibility features and user experience: #Apple #accessibility

[Blog Post] AppleVis Launches Apple Vision Accessibility Report Card; Participate in Our' Survey That Will Determine the Report Card Ratings

So this article came into my Google Alert I set up for Apple Accessibility:

I mean, all around, this is a great reason why people with disabilities should be at least proofreading these articles about them. I’m not even going to touch the title. I’ve already talked about this. In the body of the article, it’s the little things. Like, VoiceOver has no ability for people to speak to their phone to do things with it. Yes, there’s Siri, but that’s not VoiceOver. I did love tat they talked to Sarah, and others though. I love that they included Braille Screen Input, and image recognition. But I think it would have been much better if a blind person proofread it. And, while, yes, it seems to be originally written in a European language with gendered speech, Sarah is definitely not a “he/him”, last I checked. I mean that could have always changed, but English isn’t exactly a gendered language anyway. Any blind proofreader would have heard, and thus caught, all that. I mean, ultimately to me, it’s not a big deal. Just another article in an ocean of articles written about blind people without being edited and proofread for accuracy, by blind people.

[end main text]

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@devinprater @dcm I don't see how zoom can fix the issue? still though this si annoying. #apple #BetaTesting #IOS

come on apple, please fix yoru iOs bug where you drag an app next to the another app and a folder is created by mistake. I've reported this bug for years.I can't use the old ethod as the noise is gone, and the magic tap way is also gone. so now ther is no way to drag without frustrations. #apple #accessibility #bugs #FolderCreation

I shouldn't have been surprised that #Mastodon previews in iOS 16.4 work with LPLinkView and not just messages, so developers can easily add Mastodon embeds to any app. I suppose this will make things lot easier for app developers of Mona or Ivory.

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OOOOOOOO! iOS/iPad OS 16.4 developer beta has full preview support for #Mastodon URLs in Messages. Shows attachments, threads, and more. It looks good. Nice accidental discovery. I was trying to send a link to my #elevenLabs demo thread from this morning.

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Considering #Apple is now allowing Safari and third-party browsers to enable web sites and apps to be added to home directly and notifications in iOS and iPad OS, real browser choice will likely land at #WWDC. After all the European Digital Markets Act is on hand.

Looks like #Apple is getting rid of configuration profiles to run Developer betas. If you want to run dev betas on iOS or iPad devices in future iOS versions after 16.4, you'll need to be signed in with your developer ID. A setting will allow you to enable or disable Developer betas rather than configuration profiles.
In other words, no more downloading config profiles from news sites.

I'm fine with this, considering there are public #beta releases.

So I read this comment on Hacker News, where they said that even Microsoft employees are being given #MacBooks. And I started to think about like, if #Microsoft, #IBM, #Google, all these companies are just defaulting to #Apple, then no wonder Windows, Android, ChromeOS and so on are lagging behind. This, shockingly isn’t really about accessibility, where Windows still, for now, rules in simplicity of things like virtual buffers on the web, and utilities for #blind people. But even on #Mac, blind coders are making stuff, like #TweeseCake, and several #Hammerspoon scripts to make things better. I think, as M-series Macs keep doing so well, these tools are only going to grow, VoiceOver may get even faster as speech refactoring continues, and hopefully the #accessibility stack continues to be optimized to take up less RAM or CPU or whatever causes Safari to go unresponsive. Like, I can’t describe what exactly is happening here, with Apple just… Subverting every other company. But even if they just keep the current accessibility at this point, where yeah there are bugs, but leaning on iOS for stuff like audio charts and image descriptions, I think one day they may be able to become the dominant OS even for blind people. They just have to keep pushing forward and making the best of a good 20 years of built-up stuff.
[Mac accessibility Hub](

You know, I wish #apple would at least make it possible to write third-party screen readers for their platform if they don't want to fund core #voiceover improvements, which they clearly do not want to do. For all the complaining I do about #windows, at least we have quite good developer freedom on it, allowing the use of high-quality third-party screen readers. #a11y

Content warning: An urgent Mac help request

@Mohaneds But #apple is the only major tech company that hasn’t arbitrarily laid a bunch of people off. That’s says something to me.

Wow y’all, I think rolls are finally reversing. Yesterday, I took out my iPhone, running 16.3. I began reading a news article in Lire, my preferred RSS reader. In the middle of a paragraph, Alex suddenly stopped talking, for no reason. I hadn’t touched the screen, nothing had popped up. He just stopped. That’s the kind of crap that makes me want to stop using an OS, when basic stuff like reading continuously doesn’t work. With Android, though, that was easily worked around, by simply “pausing” speech, which would dislodge whatever was stuck in the speech queue. That bug has since been fixed. With iOS, though, you can only just start the read all command again, and hope it reads a bit further this time. MacOS, however, seems a lot more stable now. Sure, Safari is still busy sometimes, but I’m fine with saying that’s a problem with my poor old Intel Mac. I mean, I really hope Apple fixes a lot of these bugs. I hate how much of the year, and only like around the next version is the version before that stable. It’s sad. And I’m amazed Android for the most part isn’t like that.

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Today, the US #NLRB issued a finding of merit in two of my charges against #Apple. The NLRB agreed with my claim that Apple's NDAs & employee policies are unlawfully restrictive & chilling to the point of violating federal labor law

The best part of this is that these charges are about Apple's employee policies & statements made to workers nationally. Apple's remedy will also need to be national. All the hell the last two years is worth it for this. Let us be free. 🕊️ 💙
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Inspo for today: I was just helped by an Apple Store employee that was totally blind. He did the entire checkout process with VoiceOver and Braille typing mode. #a11y #apple #braille

Content warning: Mammoth accessibility first impressions as a VoiceOver user

Apple’s Mac security is so good, it’s sending used M1 MacBooks to the scrap heap



SO I'm seeing a boosted post by someone who claims that there are no #RSS feeds for #Apple #Podcasts. This is not accurate. Even though the RSS feeds are hidden, Apple does provide an API that enables tools to look up the RSS feed of a podcast.