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Today I have found out when enabling subtitles on #youtube the area where the subtitle track is playing is no longer configured as so called live region so youtube subtitles are no longer read automatically with a #screenReader if it's running. I've also looked at #invidious which has aria-live set to off. This is unfortunate as I was expecting this to just work. It can be tested on this video if you like

Dnes si dovolím odkázať na veľmi vydarený český hlas pre hlasový výstup #TTS #RHVoice. Sám autor o tom píše tu:… . O použití pre #Windows #Linux a #Android sa dočítate aj na jednoduchej komunitnej stránke . Gro používateľov sú ťažko zrakovo postihnutí používatelia, ktorí si bez kvalitného hlasového výstupu a čítača obrazovky nedokážu svoj digitálny život predstaviť, možno ale aj vám by sa mohol hodiť takýto hlas pre váš počítač či smartfón nezávislí od obrovských korporácií. Mohli by ste ho napr. použiť na čítanie kníh alebo počas navigácii cez GPS.

@Arch Linux packages #ffmpeg 4.4 in order to satisfy some dependencies. Funy thing today, now using pacman, I am just updating to ffmpeg4.4-4.4.4-4

Oh damn, why I have missed such well written and amazing message regarding #Accessibility state of linux desktop last year?
It's written by @RastislavKish and here it is:…

I am about to install @Arch Linux on a new laptop. This time I am attempting to look into the #secureBoot properly. Trying to boot #archBoot or manually adding #preloader into the install media fails with secure boot violation error. I understand I should enroll loader hashes into the mok list in the nvram. I can't use EFI shell, hashtool.efi, keytool.efi and similar since at that stage of the boot process there's no accessibility support and I can't handle that on my own with OCR snapshots of the laptop screen. Am I missunderstanding the secure boot concept or is that yet another thing I can't overcome no matter how much I am trying to prepare for the task? Of course windows is booting and I do have a screen reader running. But I can't find windows tools capable of manipulating EFI variables. #secureBoot #fail #Accessibility

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This one was just the beginning, the message list needs much love, but likely after Fosdem...

I am just testing @Jami with a #screenreader on both linux desktop and android for #accessibility.
Initial setup is accessible on both the platforms.
Listing conversations I can't really say as I only have single contact.
Audio calling is working fine. I am impressed that the call setup took just a moment. On android controls like microphone toggle, speaker / earpiece toggle and hangup button are working fine.
I am unable to find out in call controls with the keyboard on linux.
On both desktop and android I can write messages.
On android I can read messages, find and execute additional actions in the popup menu.
On the desktop I can't read incoming and outgoing messages with a screen reader. I haven't discovered on how to copy them.

In conclusion comparing this to the tox chat the Jami is more accessible with a screen reader. Perhaps I will be able to figure out how to handle the calls with a keyboard shortcuts however the fact message text is not readable with a screen reader on desktop linux and perhaps other platforms sounds dissapointing. The idea and decentralized nature of this communication app sounds really amazing.

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Exploring @Jami further I think I can post a few more observations.
The desktop app uses QT6 for the UI. Apart of some ounlabelled buttons such as Accept / Reject incoming call and some tab controls on the main window most of the UI elements are clearly labelled and accessible from the keyboard.
The desktop app has a keyboard shortcuts button on the main screen which opens a tabbed dialog with accessible lists of keyboard shortcuts. I haven't yet discovered if these can be tweaked but the default ones are working well for me. For calls it's ctrl+y for accepting and ctrl+d for rejecting / hanging up. Letter m alone can be used for muting / unmuting the microphone.
I need to find out if there is a way to create global shortcuts or do some actions using commandline switches. If either of this turned out to be possible it would perfectly integrate with the desktop.
Sending and receiving files is something I'm going to try next.

Priatelia, poznáte ? Je to sada veľmi jednoduchých ale funkčných open-source aplikácií pre android. Za projektom stojí slovenský vývojár Tibor Kaputa, čo som doteraz veľmi rád všade zdôrazňoval, kde to bolo možné. Sám autor v komentári potvrdzuje, že napozadí prebieha predaj týchto aplikácií resp. nie ani tak aplikácií a značky simple mobile tools ako používateľskej základne v obchode google play spoločnosti ZipoApps. Už tu na fediverse som zhliadol vtipné komentáre, že v kontexte autorovho priezviska, týmto aplikáciám je kaput.…

Zaujímavý článok z histórie dopravy v čechách a na slovensku…

I have just found out up to date version of #rclone can be used on non-rooted #android devices thanks to the #round-sync app.… cc @IzzyOnDroid ✅

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Die App kann es gar nicht geben. Die kommt doch aus einem Phantom-Ort:

certificate DN: C=de, ST=NRW, L=Bielefeld, O=Nüsse IT, OU=dev, CN=Felix Nüsse…

Aber wenn Du darauf bestehst: warte einfach auf den nächsten #AndroidAppRain :awesome:

Danke für den Hinweis!

What a discovery: LMI interface for changing bios settings from the userspace on modern Lenovo laptops is a thing for quite some time already. It's built into the linux kernel since 5.17. I have supported Lenovo laptop for a few months and I have only found about it today. It's nice for IT professionals but for blind users like me it's great too.

I've just discovered @Accrescent An open-source Android app store focused on security, privacy, and usability.

I have just discovered #narrowlink. It looks interesting especially with P2P mode introduced in the v0.2 version. For accessing services behind a nat it looks to have better bandwidth requirements as compared to traditional VPNs.…

Hey all music lovers especially those of us who are using #screenreader apps to control music playback. #Foobar2000 for #android now features so called Non skinned playback controls view that can be activated by unchecking the Skinned playback screen checkbox in its advanced settings. This improvement is available in the beta version so far. See the mobile changelog at…

My task was to wrote a custom import module in #python that can read data from an excel xlsx document. I had end up implementing it by using #xlrd module initially and later on I discovered it no longer handles xlsx files thus I converted it to use #openpyxl instead.