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We are issuing security releases across Thunderbird ESR 102 and Beta to address vulnerabilities that affected #Matrix (which the Matrix team was quick to catch and patch!)

If you're using Matrix in Thunderbird, we recommend manually updating your Thunderbird client.


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Is there a consolidated list of all such
bridges using #matrix available?

Do you use #Prometheus, #Grafana or #UptimeKuma for monitoring?
Then you might enjoy alertbot, a simple tool that forwards monitoring alerts to #Matrix chatrooms. Adding it is as simple as setting up E-Mail alerts and much more flexible. How to get started? 🧵 ⬇️
A fireball next to the text: Alertbot: Monitoring alerts forwarded to matrix

Love stickers and using Matrix?
Maybe like me you really like Telegram stickers, but now you have all your chats bridged in one app?

I programmed a simple bot that lets you import Telegram stickers directly into any Matrix room. It's alpha and not ready for public hosting, but you can host it for yourself or for people you know.


#telegram #matrix #stickers #chat #bridge

Soo nice to see #smallTalk already in beta !! 👏

SmallTalk is a minimal, modern, friends and family focused Android messenger. Heavily inspired by Whatsapp and Signal, powered by Matrix.

Its goals are to be reliable and stable, and have a tiny app size.

It recently started supporting UnifiedPush, and publishing beta releases on Google Play:
And the IzzySoft F-Droid repo:

You can find out more about it at

#matrix #messenger #chat #android #app #UnifiedPush #smalltalk

Hab einen Blog-Post geschrieben, warum wir Sprachnachrichten nicht per-se verteufeln sollten. #FluffyChat ist übrigens der erste allgemeine #matrix Client, der Sprachnachrichten unterstützt hat.

I totally forgot, we released #nheko 0.10.1!

This release brings improvements to stability and performance.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. As a #matrix client starting with N, this had to come at some point. More seriously, we fixed a few crashes and also made it possible to create and manage your communities!

Give it a try:

Available for Linux, Windows, macOS, *BSD, Haiku, as Flatpak or traditional package, for small touch devices and desktop!

#discord doesn't send emails to @Tutanota so I stopped using it 🤷‍♂️
#matrix better anyway

#Dendrite [Matrix] server has arrived to @yunohost ( 🙏 thanks **tituspijean**)

#matrix server much lighter than #synapse

Dendrite is beta software

Okay, step 1, tags: #nheko #matrix

Step 2:

NEW NHEKO OUT THE DOOR, GRAB IT WHILE IT IS HOT! No, wait, don't, you would burn yourself! But try it out once the release has cooled off a bit and tell me if you like it!

It includes moderation improvements, better notifications, faster startup, encryption improvements and way to integrate with KRunner, rofi and much more! Also lots of bugfixes and other features!


After about 15 years of using Mutt for all my email needs, Matrix support in the new Thunderbird 102 release lead me to give it a try again.

Screenshot of Thunderbird running and showing the Matrix chat feature with some messages.

While the Matrix support (beta!) is still pretty crude, it works even with encryption. Not bad and I have to admit that the rest of the application looks/works pretty well too. Maybe it's time to return to a GUI e-Mail client for a while. We'll see ;-)
#Thunderbird #Matrix

First impressions of the #Thunderbird #Matrix client after an hour and a half of use:

1. This is an IRC client that someone patched Matrix support into. There's no scrollback, no avatars, no emoji reactions, no post editing, no replies ... it tells you when other accounts do emoji reactions, replies, and post edits, but it does not do any of them itself.

2. There /is/ encryption. And emoji verification of sessions.

3. It uses much less RAM and CPU than a standalone web app.

- Packbats 🎒


Latest project released, Node.js bindings to the Rust matrix-sdk-crypto crate. It exposes the required API to write bots and bridges for Matrix and other networks. Please come try it!

#matrix #rustlang #nodejs #napi #bot #bridge #decentralization


!Friendica Support Although many people here are already aware, I figured I'd post about the existence of a Friendica specific chat room on the Matrix network. Conversations have ranged from qusetions about installations, troubleshooting, and development. #friendica #matrix

Sympa de lire l'histoire de #Matrix et #Element en français. :)

My Talk from #ACCUConf: an Intro to the #Matrix protocol - using curl to send a message etc.


My Talk from #ACCUConf: an Intro to the #Matrix protocol - using curl to send a message etc.


Tried out the # terminal multiplexer. Had a problem/question. Seems the community is only on #. After unsuccessfully looking for alternative forums gave up and registered a discord account. Verified mail. Verified mobile number. Captcha'd half dozen of times. Tried joining the zellij discord. Flicker. Website goes in reload loop. Account is now disabled because "We've found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines." Fuck you, #!

And pretty please, free software projects, don't have your community in proprietary walled gardens like # or # you have no control over. You're doing your users a disservice. Use # or # or whatever. There are enough free alternatives.

Thanks for listening.

Where are some good homes for # and # accounts? How about good clients? In the future I'll host for myself and others.

Naše česká místnost na Matrixu je nyní oficiálně součástí prostoru GNOME Local!
Připojte se zde:

# # #

Tune in to "Open Tech Will Us" as our Product Manager @ryanleesipes talks with the # team about Thunderbird 102!

Watch live RIGHT NOW at or

I don't think @matrix is specially complicated. You don't need to setup a new instance, just create an account and choose and app like # , # or even a terminal client.

You can also use a # - # bridge to communicate with your telegram contacts.


We have added a support for all communication clients that implement Matrix protocol. You can be notified about new software releases there, as well.
Thanks for, not just the protocol and ecosystem, but also, a very nice community. #


If anyone hasn't joined the FossAbility Matrix space yet, you can, and it's got an off-topic room. The link is:

# # # #


It's official, GNOME Chat is now on Matrix! This recent update to Foundation and Project communications comes as a result of our 2021 chat evaluation initiative. Learn more and find us on chat here:

# # #




# #



If you are serious about Open, look into for your messaging and get rid of MS Teams, Slack etc . # is going all-in on #! #


People that use # please explain why you use it and not #. Besides the most common argument: it's more widely used.
Anyways, I'm still glad it's not Whatsapp or Telegram.

Calling all @matrix evangelists! An app project I've been lurking around has decided to move their chat room to Slack, for the usual reasons (network effect yada yada). I've already suggested having a matrix room as the central watercooler, and bridging to allow folks to join from their accounts on the proprietary silos. One of the tech folks has set up a MatterBridge (ironically to bridge Discord <> Telegram), but we can't figure out how to use it for matrix.

Please help!

# #

Happy Monday! Some of you asked if there's an official Mozilla # server, and there is:

Head over to

I wrote something about why messages sometimes fail to decrypt on #:

It is still rough and will probably get reworked at some point, but I don't have the time for that rn, so that will have to wait. Maybe it is already interesting to you!

Woo-hoo! Wait is over... Cinny now supports session verification as well as it has a desktop app now.

There are tons of other features that landed in v2.0.0.

Live on:
Check release:

# # #