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Yesterday I have discovered this amazing call recording app for #Android. It's called #BCR. Apart of its settings it has no UI, it detects both incoming and outgoing calls when they are picked up not when you are making them, it supports storage access framework, it uses android system decoders, it has quick tile toggle, it generates consistent file names with optional contact names, it can be installed as a magisk module. Ihave translated it into slovak. It's really very light on resources and works great.

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Recently I've found a lightweight modern #opensource #audio #recorder app for #Android called #RecordYou. I like it that much so I've attempted to submit some #screenReader #accessibility improvements.
Let me know how do you like it once it's accepted.
This is my first experience with #Jetpack #Compose so bear with me and try to suggest improvements if you can please.

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Dear @Thunderbird ,
I know you are changing for the better. However while testing Thunderbird 111 daily I would like to see some gradual improvements so it becomes ready for most userf of Thunderbird 115 in terms of #screenreader #accessibility once it's declared stable.

Positive things I have noticed:

We have brand new message list that no longer renders all the messages in selected folder at once but only those that are visible on the screen and ready for the user interaction. From my point of view it looks similar to infinite lists on mobile platforms. Most importantly it almost fully elliminates enormous lag when browsing huge message lists on linux with #orca #screenreader running. I was curious enough and I have tested imap folder with up to 75000 messages inside.

It is still possible to use F6 and shift+F6 to move the keyboard focus from the folder tree to the message list and back.

Message list has headers that are used for sorting and a popup menu for setting up visible columns almost from the begining of Thunderbird existence. From now on these controls are finally accessible to screenreader users. And we are now able to configure sorting and show / hide individual columns.

We can still use ctrl+shift+k to show / hide the filter entry. Also there are accessible buttons alongside the filter entry that allow quick filtering the list such as labelled messages, messages with attachments, starred messages, messages from addressbook contacts, unread messages, even ability to keep the filter active when changing folders. Some of these features were already there earlier but now these are accessible to keyboard users including screenreader users.

Now features that need some polishing:

It appears we can now open individual message folders on a new tab / in a new window however this feature needs some fixes. For example when navigating using up and down arrow keys in the folder tree, pressing shift+F10 first moves focus to the parent folder and displays popup menu for that parent item instead of currently selected one.

When navigating in huge list new selection is not properly reported to assistive technologies while scrolling. For example press end to move to the last message. Now press up arrow key several times to navigate back a message and notice how screenreader is reporting new selection as it happens. Now press the page up key to move the selection by the larger increment. New message is highlighted but the selection changed event is not fired properly or it's getting mixed with some spurious focus event on an unlabelled pannel. Some screen readers are able to filter out these but I think it would be nice to address it at the source rather than working it around.

Now the main window has a lot of focusable controls and it is no longer comfortable to use tab and shift+tab to navigate. It would be nice if buttons were grouped in a toolbar like controls implementing toolbar pattern the way it's explained at

It's nice that ability to reconfigure message list columns is now fully accessible to keyboard and screen reader users however accessible name of each item in the message list does not yet respect these settings. Subject is the only content that is communicated to assistive tools when navigating in the list using arrow keys. This is major issue and will likely be considered as a regression if it won't be addressed before releasing the stable version.

When navigating in the list of messages it is possible to select multiple messages for executing actions on them. I am afraid the fact multiple messages are selected or not selected is not properly communicated to assistive tools. This is major issue for screenreader users.

It is no longer possible to use applications key / shift+f10 to inwoke a popup menu in the message list.

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@ondrosik Thanks for the confirmation, I haven't yet tested it with #Friendica my-self. Thank you
@ondrosik I'm testing it right now and I seem to be unable to locate the text entry field after hitting the reply button, so I need to investigate. #Pinafore is even listed as a supported client app in the #Friendica FAQ


Do you use #Clickup or do you know someone who uses it for managing projects and task? Seems that #accessibility is broken and I am looking for better alternatives or maybe workarrounds how to use it. #A11Y

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Eset has something called Keyboard protection in v16 of its flagship products. It's suitable for preventing keyloggers to do its thing, however reportedly it also affects screen reader experience. Here is an article in czech about this thing

What a joy. There is a speech-dispatcher package on termux for quite some time already. Just install it with apt-get install speechd and It'll start working with espeak included.

Dear @Thunderbird in version 102 you have added spaces toolbar. In version 107 nightly you have added list button on the message list toolbar that can be used to reorder message list columns. Would you consider moving these to the view menu where these make perfect sense in order to make keyboard only users happier? I know you would like to make them easier to discover but discoverability is short term goal and usability is here to stay.

Recently a friend recommended me to try out this awesome looking GPS navigation app specifically designed for visualy disabled users.
Seeing Assistant Move:
Unfortunately I can't make it work on my Android 12 device. The app never receives GPS signal eventhough all the permissions are granted.
Do you know someone who is using it on Android? #Android #Accessibility

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Is it me or is #Google slowly removing accessibility support from #android #aosp apps?
I'm running android 12.1 and included calendar and keyboard are no longer accessible. Keyboard is not a problem for me, as I am using 3rd party braille keyboards either soft braille keyboard or the one included within corvus suite of apps.
However I am unable to find an accessible calendar app.
Etar is partially accessible, only the agenda view is useable with the screen reader.
Simple calendar has accessibility issues.
Have you got some more tips?

Woohoo! There are now free and open-source polish voices for RH Voice under creative commons licence.

Upgrading friend's Rock pro 64 from debian stretch throug debian buster to debian bullseye.

Nice to know is using the same stack for building email server I am running for a few years already. It's Haraka SMTP server, Dovecot imap server, rspamd for spam filtering and roundcube for accessing messages through the web.

Interesting development related to Google Analytics and GDPR

Jeej, perfektné, zdá sa, že na #friendica môžem posielať aj cez #Tusky!
Som zvedavý, ako sa to ujme.