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So I'm just a few days into running my #Matrix server, and I have to say that doing any kind of public server that requires moderation seems like a very half-baked proposition right now.

Using any kind of bot for moderation—the only real option because bans do not propagate to all rooms in a "space,"—requires an encryption hall pass proxy that hasn't seen a commit in almost a year, despite several bugs. That's to say nothing of the awful state of documentation.

I'm soldiering on, but this is some classic open source nonsense. "Leave the easy proprietary platforms and just host your own thing! Here's no help at all, also this and that don't work. RTFM! Except the TFM isn't finished."

Thanks for replying. As far as using tax payer funds to support #Matrix, I know that there would be massive resistance to this idea in the #UnitedStates 🇺🇸 (using taxes to fund anything long term is always controversial, regardless of the reason).

I do believe managed hosting would be a better option to support your foundation, which is a path that #WordPress, #WriteFreely & #Minds are using.

"You have to understand, we’re responsible for taxpayer money here. We can’t just make a donation to your open source project."

— a national government who relies on #Matrix when being asked to support it financially

Read more about the problem and some initiatives that are responding to it:

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS #funding #xz #sustainability

Open source infrastructure *must* be a publicly funded service, and funders need to support maintenance – not just new feature development 📣

This is on our minds this week in the wake of the #xz news, and as we continue to seek funding to support #Matrix.

Read the latest from project lead, @matthew:

#OpenSource #FOSS #OpenStandards

Tomorrow's the official start of #30DayFOSSChallenge! We've got a few people chatting in the #matrix already:

Feel free to join us. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look here:

#foss #floss #opensource #freeculture #degoogle #indieweb

Ja tinc creada la classe Python per a connectar a l'API de #Matrix (em sento com si fos Neo 😂).
La classe inclou, per ara, tres mètodes:
- obtenir informació d'un usuari ✅
- registrar un nou usuari ✅
- llistar usuaris :loading:
Els mètodes amb ✅ funcionen perfectament. Encara no he provat el que llista els usuaris.
Ja he alliberat el projecte sencer:

Aquest codi permet als usuaris locals d'un servidor #Mastodon registrar-se ells mateixos en un servidor Matrix/Synapse.

In the glory days of web 1.0, social websites would prominently link out to their digital neighbors via lists known as webrings; magical doorways to an expansive hinterland of digital villages.

Let's envision what a truly federated chat like #Matrix could do to improve the cross-connectivity of chat channels. Most of these features are already possible, they just haven't been implemented yet in a community-oriented client experience.

#CommuneApp #fediverse #community

Hey, I'm currently doing a little research on the cost of modern social media and messaging, given that cost is an everlasting discussion when trying to move people to more free alternatives.

I am still looking for data for messaging, such as #XMPP and #Matrix. So if you have or know someone who operates a somewhat sizable instance for either XMPP or Matrix and would potentially share some details about operational cost with me I would love to hear about it! :)

Thank you so much! 💙


Not a huge sample size, but the results are in!

If you use #Matrix, drop an #AltText comment below your images and screencasts for #ScreenReader, #Braille and other #Accessibility tools until we get support in the spec:

#a11y #Element #Fractal #Cinny #FluffyChat #Quaternion #NeoChat #GNOME #KDE #elementaryOS #XFCE

#imessage joined the post quantum encryption game

Will #matrix also do the same? @element @matrix

#element #privacy

Most annoying?

#threads #clothing #c #debugging #matrix #meta

  • Loose clothing threads (31%, 6 votes)
  • Debugging C threads (15%, 3 votes)
  • Matrix threads (15%, 3 votes)
  • Meta threads (36%, 7 votes)
19 voters. Poll end: 3 weeks ago

Contributing to Codeberg:

There are now chat rooms for #Backups and #Ceph under the Codeberg #Matrix space:

Consider joining the efforts if you are interested.

Full list of areas looking for contribution, including non-technical work:

Are you a #ScreenReader and/or #Braille user on #Matrix?

Should we be adding messages as captions until #AltText is supported?

#A11Y #Accessibility #BRLTTY #FOSS #OpenSource #Element #GNOME #KDE #elementaryOS #XFCE

  • Yes, always. (66%, 4 votes)
  • A quick summary is fine, I'll ask if I need more (16%, 1 vote)
  • As long as you do it if I ask. (16%, 1 vote)
6 voters. Poll end: 3 weeks ago

Coding Matrix in Rust | 2023-03-14

Coding our Matrix bot in Rust. This time:

  • Finished !greet, making sure it only affects this room
  • Started on a schema upgrade for the arnie plugin, so we can have multiple personalities

Next time:

  • More work on allowing multiple people, so we can !arnie !person !add and make a new one

Whoa! TIL just how widespread Matrix is at universities in Germany.

This, on top of adoption by their national healthcare system and other corners of their public sector.


#Matrix #OpenSource #OpenStandards #DigitalSovereignty #FOSS


ATELIER #MATRIX - #MOBILIZON par @lafediversenantaise
au #BouillonduCoin, café associatif du quartier #Dervallières-Zola

Venez découvrir ou partager vos connaissances,
y rencontrer les groupes locaux qui se développent sur ces réseaux,

Entrée libre et gratuite..

N'hésitez pas à passer :

Et merci d'avance à celleux qui pourront relayer l'info ! 🙂

#Contributopia @Framasoft

Digital Markets Act, a Moment-ous release, a Next SchildiChat, and Nheko's support for intentional mentions. All this, and more, has happened This Week in Matrix!

#Matrix #TWIM

#SimpleX es la primera plataforma de mensajería que funciona sin identificadores de usuario de ningún tipo.

Como decimos en nuestro sitio web, otras aplicaciones tienen identificadores de usuario: #Signal, #Matrix, #Session, #Briar, #Jami, #Cwtch, etc.
SimpleX no, ni siquiera números aleatorios.

Esto mejora radicalmente su privacidad, porque tanto si la identidad del usuario contiene información personal (un número de teléfono) como si no (un número aleatorio), aún puede utilizarse para desanonimizar a los usuarios mediante la correlación estadística de su gráfico de comunicación en la plataforma anónima con las redes públicas disponibles que contienen información personal.


vía: @GatOscuro

Check out this recap of the work that Community Platform Engineering did in 2023! The CPE team is made up of the folks who manage Fedora infrastructure, Fedora release engineering, and @centos infrastructure.

Projects worked on or investigated:
* Making a @matrix native zodbot
* Moving our registry to
* Backend service for Fedora Badges
* And more!


#Fedora #Linux #OpenSource #Matrix

The next MapComplete community call is scheduled for friday the 29th of March, at 14:00 Brussels time.

This is a good moment to pass by, ask questions or get in touch about the last developments about #MapComplete
This happens in our #Matrix chatroom at ; more information here

Well you can always use #matrix and connect all your accounts in one.

Hey @matrix and @austin do you (or anyone) know if there's a general purpose Matrix community forum? The sort of place we can get help triaging problems with apps without bothering the devs with a plethora of issue tickets that turn out to be fixable at our end.


Do you use Matrix for chatting? Do you like Vim? I got the perfect tool for you. ✨

📨 **iamb**: A Matrix client for Vim addicts.
💬 Use Vim keybindings for message editing, window navigation, and tab management in your terminal!

🔗 Docs:
⭐ GitHub:

🦀 @matrix + @ratatui_rs

#rustlang #tui #ratatui #matrix #client #messaging #vim #neovim #terminal

Oh. Ejabberd 24.02 released. It's able to connect to Matrix? 😳

#ejabberd #xmpp #matrix

#FluffyChat v1.18.0 has been released 🥳

FluffyChat v1.18.0 adds some new features, fixes a lot of bugs and improves the notifications on Android by showing them in a conversations style. Voice messages got the ability to change the play speed and the status header is now optional.

Read more at:

#matrix #flutter #development

I'm looking for a solution to only allow people with a specific email domain to join a Matrix room.

Ideally a bot that would be able to send emails, verify the user and invite them into the room.

Any idea or suggestion?

@matrix @element

#Matrix #Element

Today in #MatrixRooms: Searching #Matrix rooms from multiple places, just like with #SepiaSearch or #LemmyVerse.

Detailed instructions can be found in the alt text. In short, for #Element and #SchildiChat Web/Desktop user:
0. Open search in Element (Ctrl+K)
1. In the "Show" dropdown menu, press "Add new server...". Type and proceed.
2. Pick newly added rooms directory.

More on how to make this work in mobile apps, let all users of your instance benefit from this rooms directory or set this up as a search engine on your very own #SearXNG:

you know, i really want to like #matrix. i really do. in fact, it's the only group orient IM i use. but it's lack of decent mod tools is pathetic.

communities are being harassed with #csam and #vore and they can't do anything about it. i'm actually ashamed that i recommend it to people.

this isn't new, and they've lost huge communities to it. i'm actually fucking pissed. this should be number one priority, no excuses.

@matrix @matthew @element

do something

@matrix I can't sign in to my Matrix account anymore, it either just says "Homeserver can't be reached" (using homeserver) or it just hangs while it is signing in. I tried again on different days and the same thing keeps happening. I was able to sign in successfully last week so I don't know why this is happening now. Does anyone else have this problem?


#Matrix ist ja damit angetreten, dass es die Fehler von XMPP nicht machen möchte.

Ich stelle bei Matrix jetzt folgendes fest:

  • Gruppenchat-Verschlüsselung funktioniert nur zeitweise. Momentan können andere in der Gruppe meine Nachrichten nicht lesen.... weil meine Beiträge nicht entschlüsselt werden können.
  • Nachrichten von mir auf dem Element-Desktop werden offenbar nicht verteilt... ich seh sie nichtmal am Element-Android im selben Konto.
  • Verschiedene Server haben verschiedene Features. Z.B. einen sliding-sync-server oder nicht.
  • Verschiedene Clients haben verschiedene Features. z.B. Element kann keine "Rich Replys". Das heißt, wenn auf Signal jemand mein Posting zitiert, sehe ich in Element Android nur den zitierten Text, aber nicht die Message (Über die Bridge). Schildi-Next kann das. Element-Desktop kann rich-replys. Es ist nicht geplant, das in Element-Android noch zu implementieren, da schon Element X in der Queue ist (Aber noch mega Beta)..
    Element X kann keine selbstgehosteten Benachrichtigungen über Unified Push. Wenn ich in Element X ein Bild aus der "Gallerie" hinzufügen möchte, wird mir ausschließlich die Google-App dazu angeboten.
    Schildichat am Desktop kann keine Suche in verschlüsselten Chats. Weil es auf einer Uraltversion von Element basiert. Fluffy hatte mal feste Probleme mit den Bildern.
    Sticker gehen mal dort, mal da aber nicht.

Aber am meisten stört mich gerade, dass die verschlüsselten Gruppenchats gerade gar nicht gut klappen.

Irgendwie geht Element auch gerade bloß den Weg von XMPP...

I want to try #matrix instead of discord again, anyone got starting homeserver recommendations?

Use XMPP! It's totally secure and federated. The only thing you can use it to talk about is how much you love XMPP and how much you hate Matrix.

#1 way you know your org is using @matrix for communication: the ratio of content-bearing messages to "could you please discard your session?" messages is significantly < 1:0. #matrix #messaging #chat