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I've noticed the trend of more accessibility bugs in new betas as well.

I've also been hearing more and more from people who've tried to report problems about how Apple seems to be deemphasizing their Accessibility commitment in general (not just blind/VI accessibility) especially when it comes to the long term stability of what they've built VS the good PR of new access feature releases.

It's to the point now where some of the techs are all but outright admitting it when you call in about long unaddressed issues; something I've experienced my self first hand.

I wonder if this is as a result of belt tightening do to inflation, investor pressure, or something else entirely.

Decided to give #eloquence on my #iPhone another test drive. Eloquence has improved quite a bit since I tried it out previously. Now I am wondering if any other voices have improved. #iOS #voices

So I don't know if many Apple developers, or app developers for Apple devices, know about this site. But if you want to see a community of blind people that have formed around Apple devices, Applevis has you covered. They not only have a forum and blog, but a directory of accessible apps, across all of Apple's devices. They also have a bug tracker, user submitted guides, a podcast, hardware reviews, and developer resources! They're even on Mastodon, @AppleVis

#accessibility #apple #applevis #mac #iOS #iPhone

#iPhone #Tip, I like using emoji's, but its so time consuming using Voiceover, because you have to switch keyboards, type out what your looking for, then swipe through the results to find what you are looking for. Well, no more of that process for me! I decided to use keyboard shortcuts located in settings, to make it a lot easier! With keyboard shortcuts, you can assign a group of letters to stand for whatever you want so you don't have to type it in, like an email address, your actual address, and yes, emoji's. The only thing is to make the group of letters something that is not an actual word or abbreviation. For example, I started all of my emoji shortcuts with the letters, e j. So my letters to enter a winking face is, e j w f. Let keyboard shortcuts make your life a little easier! #emoji #keyboard #shortcuts #VoiceOver #easier #blind

Happy Sunday Mastodoners. Having a weird #iPhone app store issue, when I try to access my subscriptions nothing comes up, active, inactive or otherwise. Have any other #VoiceOver users encountered this? Thinking MLB AtBat might be colluding with my phone to keep me from un-subscribing.

Inspired by the creative use of some nifty JAWS scripting and the power of iOS shortcuts as demonstrated by @IllegallyBlind, I have decided to try my hand at creating something similar for NVDA and I think I've succeeded. Note that I'm fairly new at this and by no means a coder so this is the simplest of simple, in fact, I'm still quite amazed that it works, actually.
What we need:
1. The NVDA Speech Logger addon available at:
2. The following iOS shortcut:
How to use:
1. Install both: the addon in your NVDA and the shortcut in your shortcuts respectively.
2. In NVDA's settings head over to the Speech Logger category and set the output path to your Dropbox root (that's what the shortcut assumes you're using, feel free to modify as needed);
3. Start logging the local speech with the assigned gesture (by default NVDA+alt+l);
4. Assuming the shortcut is configured properly (Dropbox authorized and all that jazz), launch it and a viewer will pop up with the fresh version of the log file at the time.
One nuissance I've found with this is that the viewer overlay will not surround the VO gestures so you need to focus it first through exploration before you can start reading the log. Also the gestures for the first and last item on the screen will move you to whatever else should be on your screen right now so you have to explore again to close the viewer. I assume that's a VO bug.
Also bear in mind that, while logging, anything your PC says will ultimately land in a regular text file and nothing apart from your Dropbox account is protecting it. Use with caution.
Feel free to suggest feedback.
#Accessibility #Tip #VoiceOver #NVDA #iPhone #iOS #Windows #Blind

#iPhone #Tip, Exporting #notes from the #NotesApp and saving them as #TXT files to #Dropbox. Thanks to Lynn for letting me know that this is possible! I just wanted to pass it along and the steps of how its done. You do not even have to open the #note. Just:
1, Swipe to the note in your list that you want to export.
2, Flick up with 1 finger and choose Share Note.
3, A typical share sheet will appear, it could be a little different for you, but I chose Save to Dropbox. If not available, look for just dropbox.
4, On the next screen you can rename the file if you want, and choose what folder you want to save it in.
5, Lastly, just hit the save button.

If you have a note open, just go to the top of the screen and you will find that share button.

What was your first app that you downloaded on your iPhone/Android? Mine was TouchTerm SSH in April 2009!
#iPhone #apps #boost

confirmed at least by me. Something broke Braille in the latest beta version of iOS. I'm too tired right now but tomorrow I will leave some feedback on this. all usual troubleshooting steps have been taken (bar unpairing and re-pairing the display, my next move), and it's not just a Mona thing. It also happens in Notes, so this suggests to me that whatever is going on is system-wide. That's all for now. #iPhone #Braille #voiceover #accessibility#blind #BetaVersion

So this article came into my Google Alert I set up for Apple Accessibility:

I mean, all around, this is a great reason why people with disabilities should be at least proofreading these articles about them. I’m not even going to touch the title. I’ve already talked about this. In the body of the article, it’s the little things. Like, VoiceOver has no ability for people to speak to their phone to do things with it. Yes, there’s Siri, but that’s not VoiceOver. I did love tat they talked to Sarah, and others though. I love that they included Braille Screen Input, and image recognition. But I think it would have been much better if a blind person proofread it. And, while, yes, it seems to be originally written in a European language with gendered speech, Sarah is definitely not a “he/him”, last I checked. I mean that could have always changed, but English isn’t exactly a gendered language anyway. Any blind proofreader would have heard, and thus caught, all that. I mean, ultimately to me, it’s not a big deal. Just another article in an ocean of articles written about blind people without being edited and proofread for accuracy, by blind people.

[end main text]

#accessibility #blind #VoiceOver #iPhone #Apple

@ericdere Thunderbird for iPhone/iPad is planned.

#Mozilla #Thunderbird #iPhone #iPad

Yup, I've been saying this for two years now. Android is slowly becoming the go-to mobile operating system for the best accessibility, not because it's getting better (it is a little) but because iOS is getting much worse. Bugs on new releases are more numerous and severe. They take longer to fix. Apps frequently come out with updates that horribly break accessibility. #blind #a11y #accessibility #android #iOS #iPhone

So I don't know just how widespread this issue is, but I read on a mailing list that in the new iOS 16.3, there's a Braille bug where if you open the notification center, with Space with dots 4-6, your Braille display disconnects from the phone. I can't tell you how insulting this bug is. Opening the notification center is something a person does on their phone tons of times per day. Any kind of quality control could have caught this bug. And yet, here we are. And it makes me so glad that, whether Google has a blind person sitting there testing every build or not, that TalkBack's new Braille support is pretty damn solid. No, it doesn't have the turn pages while panning, or automatic panning, or showing equations in Nemeth code, or even Grade 2 US/UK Braille, although it does have Unified Grade 1 and 2 Braille. But shoot at least it doesn't have iOS-level slap-in-the-face bugs.

#iOS #accessibility #blind #Android #iPhone #a11y

#iPhone #Tip, Using #Braille Screen Input to enter your #passcode. When normally entering numbers in Braille, you have to the number sign, dots 3, 4, 5, 6. But in this case, you would exclude the number sign. For example, if your passcode is 1, 2, 3, 4. Then you would just type, dot 1, dot 2, dot 3, dot 4. And vala your phone will be unlocked. This comes in handy when around others and you want to keep that passcone #private.

is there a way to change the #iPhone #spellcheck to Australian english?

#iPhone #Tip, Do you ever need to #Unzip a file on your iPhone? No problem! The Files App on your phone can unzip files. You can add any cloud service you have to the Files App, like #Dropbox, #GoogleDrive, #OneDrive, etc. To unzip a file. 1, Go to the Browse tab at the bottom of the screen. 2, Go to the cloud service where the file is located and find the file. 3, Once on the file, flick up and choose uncompress from the menu. 4, It will unzip the file, and put files in a folder the same name as the original file. #Unzip #Files #on #iPhone

I'm in desperate need of help. Can someone please tell me how to #upload a #video from my #iPhone to #YouTube? I have a video of my #oral presentation for #gradschool, but can't work out how to upload it to #YouTube using #voiceover. Thanks for your help.

#iPhone #Tip, A #gesture that is usually forgotten. When you have an app open, you can switch between other apps in your #AppSwitcher with a four finger swipe to the left or right. Kind of like the Alt Tab keystroke on the computer. Four finger swipe to the left takes you to the next app, and a four finger swipe to the right will take you to the previous app. A very quick way of moving between opened apps.

On a browser on my #iPhone I can check to see if there’s #AltText on an image (I do this before #boosting) in this way:
- tap the #image (so I’m just seeing the image, as if to look closer)
- press and hold the image as if to save it

The alt text shows up as the first option when I’m holding down on the image. If I see it there, I go back to the post and boost!


#iPhone #Tip. With #iOS16, you can now do both, #Shutdown, and, #Restart, your iPhone hands free by using #Siri. Just tell Siri, either shutdown or restart this device, or, shutdown or restart this iPhone. Siri will come back and ask you if you want to do it. Just reply with a yes, then it will happen. Good job #Apple! 👍🏻

For those using Braille Screen Input on the iPhone, did you know that there are navigation gestures now? You can move around the text by character, word, or line. Here is how it is done.
1, In Braille Screen Input, hold one finger down on any dot. You must keep that finger down during the whole process.
2, It will make a couple of beeps, then say, Exploring mode. This is the mode it has to be in, in order to move the cursor around. If you left your finger off the dot, it will leave exploring mode, so again, keep it held down.
3, Here is the 3 gestures needed. They all use 2 fingers.
2 finger flick up and down moves between navigation types; character, word, or line.
2 finger swipe to the left, moves cursor forward or right by character, word, or line.
2 finger swipe to the right, moves cursor backwards or left by character, word, or line.
This is been demonstrated on several podcast, here is a link to one of those demonstrations. #iPhone #BrailleScreenInput #navigatingText #PodcastLink

Episode 205 of the Mosen at Large #Podcast is now available wherever you get podcasts. My most bizarre #Windows experience ever, the real-world impact of #iOS bugs, how to maintain maximum #iPhone battery health for years, and #audiobooks on the BlindShell Classic 2. Plus, if a hotel has discriminated against you because of a guide dog but apologise, would you go back?

Avoiding USB-C on iPhones may get harder for Apple as Brazil considers mandate

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