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#YunoHost devs are testing #Prosody as #xmpp #jabber replacement for metronome to get better integration with the system and better compliance with jabber standards. Also new default features as A/V calls.

It's on early development, without ETA!!

great news IMO πŸ‘Œ

thank you πŸ™ πŸ§™

Ich hoste mit #Yunohost meine eigenen Dienste. Darunter z.b. #invidious #searxng und #xmpp. Nun wollte ich gerne mal nachfragen, wie sicher das ganze ist, wenn ich z.b. Die Suchmaschine und auch XMPP ΓΆffentlich ins Netz stellen wΓΌrde; was muss beachtet werden? Oder sollte ich davon ganz absehen?

#selfhosting #sicherheit #datenschutz #FediHilfe

Β‘Hi Friendifans!

Today I discovered that I can't participate in polls, either from the web version or from any app.
Oddly enough, only whalebird shows me correctly the poll options and I can even choose the one I like, but the submit button doesn't seem to have any effect.
Is this a friendica problem in general or could it be a bug unique to my instance ( on #Yunohost )?

Thanks in advance.

!Friendica Support

Β‘Hi Friendifans!

I guess this topic has been covered 1000 times before, but I can't seem to find a way to "search and find" the older threads on this forum. So I apologise for returning to a familiar topic.

I installed #friendica on my home micro-server on #Yunohost and after an upgrade it worked perfectly for a few weeks, but lately it has started to frequently show the "504 Gateway Time-out" error page and I wonder if this could be due to some configuration of my node or some other reason.

As a background, at the moment, the server has only one active user, with almost 2.000 contacts.

Version 2023.12 - Version BD 1542/1542 - 1507/1507

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

!Friendica Support #Gateway504 #Gateway504error #TimeOut

Hell, yes. This is nothing but good news. :mastodance:

I've been using Unified Push + Element + Fedilab via Nextcloud and NextPush and it's been remarkably simple and reliable while keeping all that sweet, sweet metadata out of the Goog's hungry clutches. Thank you!

Can't wait for Yunohost to support sliding sync so I can shift to ElementX.

#UnifiedPush #Privacy #FOSS #Element #ElementX #Yunohost #Fedilab #Nextcloud #NextPush #Google #Android

Really wish there was a PikaPods but for #YunoHost because PikaPods is fantastic, and I directed so many people to them in the past couple of days. It is a fully managed service that lets you pick #OpenSource stuff to host on your own pod, and you basically pay like $1 but monthly! This is how I'm trying stuff like Audiobookshelf and others. You pick servers locations and sizes and stuff but all the hosting is done for you! #Tech #IndieWeb

These posts confuse me. I'm not the most technical person around. I'm not the least, either, but certainly not the most. And yet, I've been hosting my own email and talking with people on Gmail fine for years. All I did was set up #Yunohost on a VPS that wasn't chock full of spammers, follow Yunohost's instructions on what to add to the DNS settings, regularly update and... well, that's pretty much it.

Somehow though, social is full of claims that selfhosting email is impossible?

Ping @Mozilla : le problΓ¨me n'est pas limitΓ© Γ  Google/Chrome mais aussi Γ  #Firefox qui se base sur cette super techno de "Safe Browsing" qui flag les serveurs auto-hΓ©bergΓ© sans aucune transparence sur le pourquoi exact (et pas que ceux avec #YunoHost) ... Ce serait cool si vous pouviez vous aussi faire pression de votre cΓ΄tΓ© pour arrΓͺter cet enfumage et garder un web libre et ouvert

thanks. And one own server at a time too with #yunohost and

So let's hope it will appear in #yunohost packaging soon. Thank you.

The context: I am self-hosting Friendica under #Yunohost, so I created a directory at: /home/yunohost.multimedia/petroskowo

Then I opened admin options (Firefox):

Once I click "Save and use", the response is a blank screen at…

When I tried the same from my Android / DuckDuckGo browser, I get
"Page ... cannot be loaded, because ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE"

As usually with such cryptic errors my money is on access rights. ls -l shows

drwxrwxr-x+ 2 root               root 4096 Nov  4 18:28 petroskowo

but I do not know if and to what should I change it.

Do you selfhost your own email?

If yes, please share your software setup.

Boost is very appreciated.

#Email #Postfix #Dovecot #Thunderbird #Mailcow #IRedMail #Mailinabox #Yunohost #Selfhosting

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